Carolina Department of Social Services, in

partnership with eight other southeastern

states, developed a network to locate absent

parents in interstate child support cases.

South Carolina Developed system that allows state agencies

to share information and data electronically.

Tennessee Developed an automated system that allows

users to track and update licensee

information. Allows information to be cross-

referenced by subject areas to reveal

patterns of abuse.

Texas Developed a network of multimedia kiosks

that can access information about

government services in either English or


Texas Comptroller's Office developed a bulletin

board service to assist local governments in

managing computer data and accessing

financial information from the state.

Texas Department of Transportation and the City of

San Antonio developed a system to monitor

and control traffic.

Utah Developed an integrated office application

designed to collect information about the

Governor's professional contacts.

Vermont Agency of Human Services developed a

multimedia kiosk to improve public access to

government services including health,

education and other social services.

Virginia Developed a firearms transaction program to

electronically access criminal history records

and "wanted" databases. Provides an almost

instantaneous approval or disapproval

decision for firearm purchases.

Virginia Developed a distance learning system that

uses an integrated system of video,

computer and audio signals to deliver

baccalaureate degree programs in

partnership with community colleges.

Virginia Department of Education's School Nutrition

Program Division developed an electronic

system for submitting reimbursement


Washington Developed public video telecommunications

system to improve communications between

state agencies, elected officials, municipal

governments, public schools, higher

education institutions and citizens.

West Virginia Participating in a national prototype

education initiative that incorporates

technology in the classroom. Provides

enhanced learning opportunities and access

to a large array of databases.

Wisconsin Using a geographic data system and a GIS to

integrate data and decision making between

local and state government.

Wyoming Implementing a smart card program for EBT.

Will also be able to share immunization data

and facilitate client transfers using a portable

health database.

Source: "State Technology Inventory" - National Governors' Association, July 1994.

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