is moving toward a standard of 20 percent by 2020, while New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch challenged lawmakers to adopt a 25 percent requirement by 2025. -


Vital Signs


70 percent of businesses' or noncommercial entities' Web sites are at a serious and immediate risk of being hacked, according to Acunetix. 

EMRs on the Rise

Electronic medical record (EMR) use is growing in public health-care facilities, according to a study by Citrix. When state health executives were asked if they currently use EMRs, the responses were as follows.

In the planning phase   71 percent

Using EMRs    19 percent

Not using/not planning 10 percent


Those in the planning phase were asked how long to deployment:

Two years or more      80 percent

Less than two years     20 percent


One-Stop Shop
Business people who visited, the new one-stop federal compliance Web site for businesses, confirmed the site saves them time and money. Of businesses surveyed, 72 percent said they saved up to 25 hours. Almost half of surveyed businesses reported saving money.


Tweens Online

Though children ages 6 to 11 - also known as "tweens" - tend to play video games during the majority of their time online, doing homework and research is still in the top three activities, according to a survey of U.S. children's online activities in fall 2006.

Played online games            48 percent

Visited favorite Web sites    25 percent

Research/homework            21 percent

Listened to music                19 percent

E-mail                                14 percent

Downloaded music             9.7 percent

Instant messaging              9 percent

Blogs (reading/writing)       5.6 percent

Downloaded software         4.3 percent

Other activities                   18 percent

None of these                     16 percent

Source: Experian Simmons, Feb. 2007