between one and 10 pieces of spam in a typical week.

Health Check

Eighty percent of American Internet users -- or some 113 million adults -- have searched for information on at least one of 17 health topics, and most start at a general search engine when researching health and medical advice online.

  • 15 percent of health seekers say they "always" check the source and date of the health information they find online;

  • 10 percent say they do so "most of the time;"

  • 75 percent of health seekers say they check the source and date "only sometimes," "hardly ever" or "never," which translates to nearly 85 million Americans gathering health advice online without consistently examining the quality indicators of the information they find. -- Pew Internet & American Life Project

    To Each His Own

    Results from a recent IDC survey of more than 4,000 mobile phone and smartphone subscribers from five countries suggest that interest in emerging applications will drive future smartphone sales. The survey results, part of an IDC multiclient study, show that interest in Wi-Fi access and location-based services are highest in the United States and the UK, while interest in storage capacity, music quality and photo quality are the highest in Germany, India and China.

    No Life Without IM

    A new AP-AOL Instant Messaging Trends Survey examined instant messaging (IM) trends and usage habits among 1,513 IM users. Top-line survey findings of IM users include:

  • 72 percent teens who use IM say they send more instant messages than e-mails, as do 26 percent of adults.

  • Nearly 30 percent of teens said they can't imagine living without instant messaging, and nearly 17 percent of adults said the same thing.

  • 40 percent of adult IM users ages 19-29 send 26 or more IMs each day.

  • 27 percent of adult IM users say they send instant messages at work, and 59 percent send at least six or more IMs each day. More than 41 percent say that IM makes them more productive in the workplace.

    -- Associated Press/America Online

    No Churn, Please

    According to the latest data released by the nation's largest wireless carriers in the third quarter of 2006, Verizon Wireless customers remain the most loyal in the wireless industry.

    For the eighth consecutive quarter, Verizon Wireless had the lowest customer turnover rate, or "churn rate," among the major wireless companies in the third quarter of 2006 -- Verizon Wireless' churn rate was 1.2 percent.

    The rates were calculated based on the wireless carriers' financial reports filed prior to the end of the third quarter.-- Verizon Wireless

    Jessica Jones, Contributing Writer  |  Contributing Writer