for themselves.

The manager also said station employees don't have codes to the interior keypads --the only people with those codes are employees of companies that service gas stations.

According to later news reports, when the thief was caught, police officers discovered keys to pump lock boxes and code books with computerized programs for the pumps in the suspect's vehicle. -- KSDK News

Rejuvenated Radio

The Internet is a challenge for many traditional media channels, but is rejuvenating one of the oldest: radio.

U.S. Internet Radio Listeners

Last week: 12 percent

Last month: 21 percent (approximately 52 million listeners)

Ever: 43 percent

Source: Arbitron and Edison Media Research, April 2006, 1,925 respondents ages 12 and older.

Ready for E-Business

When it comes to Internet connectivity, the world used to be clearly separated into the "haves" and the "have-nots," but according to a new study, that may no longer be the case. Following are the leading e-business ready countries in the world.

Denmark: 9.00

United States: 8.88

Switzerland: 8.81

Sweden: 8.74

United Kingdom: 8.64

Netherlands: 8.60

Finland: 8.55

Australia: 8.50

Canada: 8.37

Hong Kong: 8.36

Norway: 8.35

Germany: 8.34

Singapore: 8.24

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit and the IBM Institute for Business Value, April 2006; based on an index of 1 to 10, where 10 equals the most e-business ready.

Daily Dose

Internet users worldwide send an estimated 60 billion e-mails daily, many of which are spam or scam attempts, according to Deutsche Telekom.

E-Mail Acknowledgment

Of the 92 percent of Web sites offering e-mail as a customer support option, only 41 percent acknowledge receipt of customers' messages with automated e-mail responses, according to JupiterResearch. Since 2000, the number of sites meeting a 24-hour threshold for e-mail response continues to decrease. Only 45 percent of sites resolved e-mail inquiries within 24 hours. The most significant trend, however, is that 39 percent of sites took three days or longer to reply, or did not respond at all.

XP's Reign

Windows XP will run on more than 70 percent of PCs worldwide by the end of 2006. The Windows Vista release is being delayed until early 2007, and by the end of 2007, it will be running on less than 8 percent of machines in the installed base, according to Gartner.

Web Traffic

The following sites are top traffic generators for Google, according to HitWise.




MSN Search

Yahoo Search


My Yahoo


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