• the nation began to express interest in NetSmartz. The National Association of Attorneys General requested a presentation at their annual conference in February 2003. Shurtleff challenged other attorneys general to adopt NetSmartz in their states as well.

    On Feb. 18, 2004, New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and New Hampshire Gov. Craig Benson announced plans to implement NetSmartz in their state. Students will complete NetSmartz activities and receive a computer-generated certificate. Other states continue to follow the example of Utah and New Hampshire. As of January 2004, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, New York, Texas and Wyoming have initiated partnerships with NetSmartz.

    The Perfect E-Government Model

    The NetSmartz Workshop is a unique addition to the world of e-government. The fact that a 3-D animation studio could be such a useful tool in aiding states and law enforcement in the war against online sexual predators is a great indication that current Web and business technologies are dramatically changing the way government and nonprofit organizations manage operations.

    Using the latest business software technologies, NetSmartz can more efficiently manage and develop its content under strict deadlines and tight budgets. Using the latest Web technologies, NetSmartz can stream content to families and schools across the country from an office in Alexandria, Va. Most importantly, none of this could be achieved without the help of private partnerships.

    The technology and exposure provided to NetSmartz from these corporations allow NetSmartz to achieve its goals. In return, private corporations see their products, designed specifically for e-business being used to aid state, local and federal governments help combat the problem of Internet dangers and keep kids safer online. It is truly a win-win relationship for everyone involved.

    Mark Minicucci  |  Contributing Writer