solutions for all city and county criminal justice agencies, which support consolidated booking within Douglas County; and installed a new digital switch and more than 150 workstations at a new county corrections facility.

DOT.Comm also led deployment of an Oracle ERP system for the county and city, and selected and installed a new case management application for the Public Defender's Office.

So where does DOT.Comm go from here?

Delivery of additional services to citizens through the Internet is one initiative. These services will improve the connection between citizens and government through self-service and push capabilities. Web sites will allow citizens to help themselves by determining when and how to communicate with government departments. Citizens will also establish the criteria by which information can be sent or pushed to them from government agencies, such as Public Works.

Much work has been accomplished, and even more work is yet to be done.

One thing is for sure -- DOT.Comm has efficiently managed tax dollars and service delivery to citizens.

Paul A. Christiani  |  Contributing Writer