screen, and it emphasizes another strong feature of the T3 -- the Graffiti 2 writing pad.

With the pad, you wield the stylus like a pen and handwrite information for calendar entries or personal contacts. Unlike my colleague who reviewed the Tungsten E, I liked the Graffiti 2 writing pad.

It took some practice to learn to write letters the way the pad understands them, but once I figured it out, Graffiti 2 clearly solves the problem of a tiresome input process of tapping letters on the T3's software keyboard -- a real chore that takes forever.

I give the Graffiti 2 software extra credit for recognizing my e's. My handwritten version of the letter looks sort of like this -- e -- but the Graffiti 2 recognized it with no problem.

Of course, this can all be avoided if you use the HotSync software to link the T3 to Outlook. Then, you rest the T3 in its cradle, use the USB cable to plug the cradle into your PC, and hit the Sync button -- anything you've got in Outlook gets zapped over to the T3 lickety-split.

The only thing that could significantly improve the T3 is Wi-Fi capability.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Shane Peterson  |  Associate Editor
Jessica Jones  |  Managing Editor