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Product News

by / April 16, 2002 0
...Five of Spades
Internet access is increasingly important as you upgrade your mobile workforce. But Internet access can be hard to come by on the road. The digital PBX systems found in many hotels and businesses are not compatible with standard dial-up modems. In rare cases, they can even damage your hardware. OSItech's Five of Spades eliminates that possibility. It allows laptops to use digital PBX lines, just like they use regular phone lines. Perfect for people in the field.
The Five of Spades retails for about $120. For more information visit the company's Web site .

...Kodak Professional 5260
Kodak's Professional 5260 is the debut entry in a new line of high-speed, wide-format inkjet printers. Kodak has loaded this bad boy with tons of quality-enhancing features including piezo inkjet print-head technology, six multicolored inks and "dynamic contone" printing. (We have a crack staff of researchers working to figure out what a "dynamic contone" is. We'll get back to you.) The 5260 spits out 500 square feet per hour at 300 dpi with resolution enhancement that can make the resolution look three or four times greater.
The Kodak Professional 5260 Inkjet Printer has a suggested retail price of $29,995. For more information visit Kodak's Web site at or call 800/ 235-6325.

...IBM ThinkPad A Series
IBM's ThinkPad A series was designed to incorporate the power of a desktop machine into a laptop. The ThinkPad A includes Web navigation keys for easy Internet browsing, two modular "UltraBays" for increased flexibility and clear, bright displays up to 15 inches. Optional features include built-in Ethernet ports, wireless LAN connectivity and even Bluetooth on selected models. The new UltrayBay Plus allows you to sync and charge Palm m500 and m505 PDAs as well as IBMs own Workpad c500 series.
The IBM ThinkPad A Series range in price according to features. For more information visit IBM's Web site .

...Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery
Everyone should be concerned about securing his or her sensitive documents. Few enterprises deal with more sensitive documents than government agencies. Microsoft Office has built-in password-enabled security that allows you to protect files from prying eyes. But what happens when you forget your password? That's where Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery comes in. A favorite of the FBI, this little utility cracks open encrypted Office files, restoring access to your sensitive data.
Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery lists for $120 for a business license and $150 for a professional license. For more information, visit Elcomsoft's Web site