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by / August 1, 2001
Microsoft Office XP
Microsoft unveiled the latest version of its popular office suite in May. Office XP is more evolutionary than revolutionary, but Microsoft has tried hard to come up with compelling reasons for you to upgrade from Office 2000. The user interface is better than ever, with pop-up smart tags that help you complete common tasks. Other new features include speech functionality and improved collaboration tools. Of particular note are the security improvements made in Outlook.

Office XP comes in several varieties and a range of prices. For more information, visit Microsofts Web site.

PrivateArk is a new security product that takes a different approach to protecting your sensitive data. Instead of attempting to secure your entire network, PrivateArk gathers your sensitive data onto a network "vault," then works hard to make that server impregnable. Securing a single server is much easier than securing an entire network. Sensitive files can be stored in the vault, behind eight layers of proprietary security technology.

PrivateArk pricing begins at $20,000. For more information call CyberArk at 888/808-9005 or visit the Web site.

Adobe Acrobat 5.0
Adobe has released the latest version of everyones favorite document handler, Acrobat. Were not talking about Acrobat Reader here, were talking about the full deal that lets you create, read and manage PDF files. Acrobat allows you to save any document as a PDF file, which just about everyone on the planet can read. You can even convert Web pages. Acrobat 5.0 also includes collaboration tools such as electronic sticky notes and more.

Acrobat 5.0 has a suggested retail price of $249. Upgrades are $99. For more information on Acrobat 5.0, check out Adobes Web site.

Margi Presenter-to-Go
Presenter-to-Go is a Springboard module for your Handspring Visor PDA that allows you to create slide-based presentations from any Windows program. You can then load your presentations into your Visor and take them with you on the road. The module comes with VGA outputs and even has a handy remote control. The module can store up to 100 slides, and more can be stored using free memory on the Visor, itself.

Presenter-to-Go has a suggested retail price of $299. For more information visit the Margi Presenter-to-Go Web site.
Tod Newcombe Features Editor