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by / July 17, 2001
Kodak DCS 760

Kodak has released its most advanced digital camera ever, the Kodak DCS 760. Built on the frame of a top-of-the-line Nikon F5 pro SLR, the 760 Kodak is true 6-megapixel ITO CCD instead of film. But you still can use all of the standard film controls. The CCD can mimic film with an ISO range from 80 to 400. You can even push the "film" two stops to create needed effects and snap 1.5 frames per second in burst mode. The DCS 760 costs $7,995. For more information about the Kodak Professional line of cameras, call 800/232-6325 or visit Kodaks Web site.

pcAnywhere 10.0

Symantecs latest and greatest product is the new pcAnywhere 10.0. PcAnywhere lets you manage any PC from a remote location on the network or via the Internet. Work from home with full access to your work PC, or allow IT professionals to diagnose problems and administer tech solutions without ever leaving their protective sphere of arcane computer equipment. Symantec has added ways to help you speed up your remote-computing sessions and beefed-up security to ensure that only you can access your PC remotely. For more information, visit Symantecs Web site.

Minolta MS 7000

Agencies can finally move their archived data into the Digital Age with Minoltas MS 7000 digital microfilm scanner. The MS 7000 comes with two output channels: one for high-speed laser printing, the other for digitally scanning images into a PC. The scanner supports up to 800 dpi images with optional 8-bit grayscale support. The scanner connects to Minoltas MSP 3000 laser printer for direct printing. The printer handles pages up to 11 inches by 17 inches. The stand-alone systems start as low as $7,900. For more information, visit Minoltas Web site.


Under new federal legislation, if your Web site is inaccessible to people with physical handicaps, you may lose federal funding for your agency or program. AccVerify from HiSoftware checks your Web site to ensure it fully complies with all policies and standards as outlined in amendments to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. AccVerify is available as an automated server application, as a stand-alone application and as an integrated add-on to Microsoft FrontPage or HiSoftwares Metadata Server. Pricing ranges from under $100 to over $1,000. Contact HiSoftware at 888/272-2484 or 603/229-3055, or e-mail the company for more information.
John Marcotte Contributing Writer