Product News

Product News

by / June 11, 2001
1) Panasonic PV-SS2710

The Panasonic PV-SS2710 television features a 27-inch PanaBlack screen combined with a 30-hour hard-disk recording mechanism. Hard-drive recorders allow you to do neat tricks like remove commercials, replay missed scenes or even pause a television show while you take a trip to the little geeks room.

Purchasers of the set get a free lifetime subscription to the ReplayTV service, which allows the television to do cool things like record all news programs or nature shows 24 hours a day, then play them back for you at your convenience.

The PV-SS2710 retails for $899.95. For more information, visit Panasonics Web site <>.

2) Lexmark J110

The J110 is Lexmarks newest business ink-jet printer. It prints as many as 16 monochrome pages or 10 color pages per minute in normal mode -- faster in draft. The printer features resolutions of up to 2400x1200 dpi. The J110 prints on almost any paper, because it pre-coats the paper with a special solution designed to allow ink to stick to it better. This means you can use paper types in an ink jet that you could never use before. It also improves the image quality on any paper.

The J110 comes in regular and networked versions. Suggested retail prices start at $899. For more information, visit Lexmarks Web site <>.

3) Palm m500/m505

Industry leader Palm introduced its latest and greatest PDAs in mid-March: the Palm m500 monochrome handheld and m505 color handheld. New features include a Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard expansion slot about the size of a postage stamp and a new Universal Connector for hardware add-on modules.

The m500 and the m505 also are the first PDAs to ship running the new Palm 4.0 operating system, which further enhances their functionality.

For more information, visit Palms Web site <>.

4) Pitney-Bowes DL750

Capable of churning out 75 pages per minute, the Pitney-Bowes DL750 is perfect for large enterprises that need a lot of copies -- and we mean a lot of copies. The DL750 does more than just print and make copies, though. It also offers advanced finishing modes and networking options.

The DL750 allows agencies to bring the functionality of a small copy house into the enterprise. No longer will your employees have to make a master then run over to Kinkos to produce copies of the finished document.

For more information, call 800/290-7860 or visit the Pitney-Bowes Web site <>.
Tod Newcombe Features Editor