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Louisiana CIO James DuBos

by / May 6, 2001
James Dubos was appointed Louisianas first CIO by Gov. Mike Foster in February. The Baton Rouge native worked for the last 15 years in the private sector as CEO of a technology company specializing in e-business. As CIO, DuBos will coordinate with state departments to make government services more easily available to the public.

Why did you jump from the private sector to the public sector?

After I had achieved a reasonable amount of personal success, I was really interested in state government and how it could be improved from an e-business, e-government perspective. Gov. Foster had initiated a search for a CIO and I had met with the administration and talked to them about efficiencies and things that could be done both from an economic development standpoint and also inside of state government, and that spurred their interest. The situation was just right.

What is your vision for success in this new post?

My position is directly responsible for the executive branch of government, which primarily consists of about 15 departments. My focus is to create an enterprise view of that executive branch, so that when youre looking for services as a citizen or business owner, youre looking at the executive branch of government, not the Department of Labor, Department of Economic Development or Heath and Hospitals. Its more services driven so that if you have some primary needs, you can customize that view to the interface and to government.

What will be the biggest challenge of your new position?

The biggest challenge is the decades of operating as individual business units; the integration of systems and our ability to communicate across departments. Changing our process and information flows across departments to present these types of services to the citizens [will be a challenge].

What is the top IT issue in your jurisdiction?

Balancing budget challenges and the need for investment to create efficiencies in government. We have the momentum. The governor has made this a cabinet-level position; the legislators are very interested in making government more efficient. Its purely going to come down to strategic investments over the course of time.

If you could accomplish one goal in your tenure, what would it be?

Our interface into state government will be top notch. If Im a new business in Louisiana, I can go to one place and get all of the services that I need at that one stop. I view state government as a services organization. We deliver services to the citizens and to the business community. Its a change of culture and a change of mentality. We are here to serve the external community.
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