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by / March 3, 2001
Durapoint MouseMighty Mouse

The DuraPoint mouse is made from a thick stainless steel shell that resists normal dings and dents. Add to the package solid-state electronics and no moving parts (they call it a mouse, but its more of a touch pad) and the device looks pretty tough. Factor in the fact that the DuraPoint is sealed, so no dirt, dust or moisture can gunk up the works, and it looks tougher. Fill the empty space in the housing with impact-resistant silicon potting material and the DuraPoint appears downright invulnerable.

The DuraPoint retails for $279. For more information, visit InterLinks Web site.

Pentium 4 ChipIts All About the Pentiums

The Pentium 4 processor is the first completely new core for chip-making giant Intel since the launch of the Pentium Pro, which occurred roughly in the Mesozoic era in PC time. It was made from scratch, allowing designers to completely rethink how the processor should work. With the Pentium 4, they went for a less complex design, allowing future versions of the processor to operate at very high speeds without overheating.

For more information, visit Intels Web site.

Qbe VivoPC Qbed

A cross between a laptop and a PDA, tablet computers combine the power of a notebook with the intuitive pen interface of a handheld PC. The Qbe Vivo is just slightly bigger than a sheet of loose-leaf paper, with a 9-inch by 12-inch footprint and just 1.8 inches tall. The Vivo is available with a variety of processors ranging from a modest 500MHz Celeron to a blazing 850MHz Pentium III. The units come with between 64MB and 128MB of RAM, which can be expanded to 384MB. A 5GB hard drive rounds out the hardware package.

For more information on the Vivo, visit the Qbe Web site

Compaq iPaqPocket Rocket

The Compaq iPaq H3650 is the slickest palmtop based on the Pocket PC platform. It pained me to send it back. The H3650 features a fast 206MHz Intel CPU, 32MB SDRAM, a 16MB ROM, a serial port and a USB port. Its topped off with a gorgeous reflective TFT display that is capable of displaying 4,096 colors at 240 x 320 dpi. The H3650 includes "pocket" versions of all your Microsoft Office favorites: Excel, Word, and Access.

For more information on the iPaq H3650, visit Compaqs Web site.
Tod Newcombe Features Editor