CIO Profile

Colorados Bob Feingold

by / March 3, 2001
Bob Feingold was appointed Colorados CIO by Gov. Bill Owens, effective the first of this year. He is the former CIO of the states Department of Natural Resources and a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, where he commanded the Space and Warning Systems Center from 1988 to 1991.

What will be the biggest difference between your job at the Department of Natural Resources and your new post?

The biggest difference will be working to facilitate agreement across departmental boundaries within the executive branch of government as opposed to working across divisional boundaries in a single department. Its basically a scope issue and an issue of working with departments that have among themselves very heterogeneous missions to accomplish.

What will be the biggest challenge youll face in your new post?

Finding common solutions across this heterogeneous mix that are consistent and that provide a win for the department, as well as a win for overall state government and a win for the citizens.

What is the top IT issue you will face?

The top issue will be the effective use of available, affordable information technology to improve government services. The top item on the list to accomplish that in the near term is to use Internet portal technology to provide more efficient, faster access for citizens to government information. And using portal technology in an interactive sense to interchange information with citizens as opposed to citizens having to come into government offices and wait in lines.

What would you consider your most significant accomplishment during your tenure at the Department of Natural Resources?

Getting nine diverse, independently funded divisions to operate and work together on issues that were of common interest to everyone in the department and to our common constituent base. That had not happened before. The CIO position in the department had been vacant for a long time.

If you could define an accomplishment that you would consider significant in your new post, what would it be?

What I would like to see in the new job is the adoption across the departments of a common vision toward the utilization of information technology to leverage improvements in government processes, to break down process barriers between departments and to help the governor achieve his goal of saving the taxpayers money through the use of technology within state government.
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