Product News

Product News

by / November 30, 2000
Ghost in the Machine
Symantec Ghost

I don't know how I lived without Symantec Ghost. It has been the system integrator's friend for years, and there is a brand-spankin' new version out on shelves now, made specifically for the enterprise. Symantec Ghost 6.5 Enterprise allows your IT department to configure a computer with all the software and settings exactly how your department wants them, then takes a "picture" of the hard drive. Instead of installing the same software and configuring the next machine to be deployed in your department, that hard drive image can be "ghosted" onto it in one step, saving hours of work. Think of it as a Xerox machine for computer information. Save that hard drive image, and Ghost can be used to quickly wipe clean and reset a machine that is moving from one employee to another. The new version of Ghost has a clean, easy-to-use interface, and can be used to configure machines remotely over the network.

For more information, check out Symantec's Web site or call them at 800/497-6180.

Digital Art
Photoshop 6.0

September was a good month for graphic designers everywhere as it saw the launch of Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Photoshop has long been regarded as the cr
John Marcotte Contributing Writer