Association has established a broadcast e-mail list via an Internet service . The private list, limited to staff and members of the association, is intended to facilitate communication on issues relevant to the group's membership. LOCal Focus


The state finalized an outsourcing deal with Unisys to consolidate up to 20 state agencies' data centers into one centralized data center and provide ongoing management and operational support.

Rhode Island

Providence police on patrol are using computers that allow them to search FBI crime records faster than ever. The federal system provides access to mug shots and fingerprints, databases on stolen articles, criminal histories and gang and terrorist members. USA Today

South Carolina

State Attorney General Charlie Condon announced a new Web site

com> to report impending school violence and an accompanying phone line.

South Dakota

Gov. Bill Janklow is bringing training on the design, building and maintenance of computer networks to the state's universities, technical institutes and high schools. Cisco will train instructors at 10 regional academies.


Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe announced in August the formation of a task force to consider improvements to the city's Web site , including putting more applications online.


For many people worried about Hurricane Bret last summer, weather updates were only a point and click away. Dozens of Internet sites provided Doppler-radar images, satellite pictures, forecasts and weather warnings that showed where the storm was heading and where it was hitting hardest. The National Weather Service's Web page received 3.4 million visits over two days after the hurricane reached land -- a jump of about a million hits. San Antonio Express-News


Settling into his added role as head of the National Governors' Association, Gov. Michael Leavitt called for "networked governance," using the Internet and other technology to centralize government transactions without surrendering local autonomy.


The state received a $513,375 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to help computerize the state's criminal-history records. The state has received a total of $4.5 million in Justice Department grants for the project.


The Virginia Democratic Party's Web site has a new contributions feature to accept donations via the Internet. The site uses a secure server, meaning personal information, such as credit card numbers, cannot be obtained by outside sources. The state Republican Party also accepts Internet contributions, but not through a secure server. USA Today


King County, which includes Seattle, launched a newsletter over the summer that is available online and can be sent right to your e-mail box. The first edition of KingCounty@Work is online>, and covers everything from criminal justice to salmon restoration. Subscribe by e-mail .

West Virginia

Slated for the end of October, the West Virginia GIS Forum promised a look at spatial technology in the Mountain State, with objectives that included promoting GIS use and cooperation among government, education and the private sector.


Hoping to pump up interest in the presidential election, the state Republican Party conducted a straw poll on its Web site . Voters went online to choose their favorite Republican presidential hopeful. The poll began in mid-September and was to end Nov. 7, exactly one year before the presidential election.


The state is working on posting information about high-risk sex offenders. Courts will determine whether a sex offender is high risk. If so, the state Department of Criminal Investigation will post the information. At press time, the department was about to put the first five offenders online, linked to the state attorney general's page .


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