The state will build an advanced data- warehouse system to manage Illinois' $6 billion medical-assistance programs, allowing greater efficiency and making fraud easier to prevent in the Medicaid and KidCare programs.


The Department of Health was singled out by NASIRE for its innovative use of technology in applying GIS to its lead-poisoning-prevention efforts, correlating data on the toxin with community infrastructure and demographic data.


Officials with the Iowa Caucus Project 2000 unveiled a "virtual office" aimed at offering nonpartisan information about precinct caucuses. Listings on the Web site include information about candidates, key contacts, schedules, hospitality services and a discussion of issues. USA Today


The interim legislative committee on education will study new methods of delivering instruction to school children, including the possible development of a state technology backbone, chairman Ralph Tanner said in August. The committee also will study the issue of school violence. Topeka Capital Journal


The commonwealth's "Information Highway," an integrated communications backbone built through strategic partnerships with a consortium of communications companies, earned a NASIRE award for innovation in public/private partnerships.


The Department of Transportation and Development in July reported 100 percent Y2K remediation and contingency planning for all but one of 31 mission-critical systems. Remaining was phone-switch replacement, which was in the testing phase.


The Bridge Management Section and the Bridge Maintenance Division of the Maine DOT have joined in a combined effort to automate the Bridge Maintenance Inspection Report file system via the use of a computer imaging system. The Bridge Imaging System allows rapid access to bridge inspection data for Maine's 3,565 bridges and has greatly decreased dependence on paper files. FSI State & Local


Some Marylanders who filed their state income-tax returns electronically this year face possible penalties because they failed to mail in a signature page and W-2 forms detailing income and taxes withheld by employers. Originally, about 5,500 taxpayers of the almost 21,500 who filed 1998 returns by computer did not follow up with the necessary paperwork, state officials said. USA Today


Massachusetts colleges and universities are using IT Bond II funds to work on a project to connect every classroom and office to local and wide area networks. Although many phases of this project are nearing completion or are complete, the campuses still need to build instructional classrooms for distance learning and train staff to use the technology. The Board of Higher Education plans to fund four regional training centers with $200,000 initially set up for each center, and $200,000 a year per center for operations.


The Office of the State Employer is installing a health-information-management system to monitor and evaluate the state's health-insurance program.


Sen. Steve Kelley was honored by the League of Minnesota Cities as one of its legislators of the year. Chief among the reasons, according to the league, was Kelley's focus on technology issues, including telecommunications, electronic commerce and Y2K.


State Auditor Phil Bryant has asked Gov. Kirk Fordice to declare the first business day of 2000, Jan. 3, a holiday, to help the state ease into the new year and deal with any millennium-bug problems. At press time, Fordice had made no decision on the possibility. The (Biloxi) Sun Herald


The Department of Natural Resources is continuing its work on a geographic reference system for Platte County. The system will be a valuable surveying tool for government offices, realtors and others.


The Parmly Billings Library has decided to issue a library card that sets levels of Internet access, allowing adults to have full access while providing a way to restrict children from seeking out inappropriate sites.


State libraries have received grants totaling $218,620 to fund technology projects. The

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