in a press release. "Soon, all senior-center computer systems will be equipped with the MicroMax, the Internet and electronic mail."

South Carolina

Rock Hill police began upgrading their laptop computers in late June. When efforts are complete, their ability to look up license-plate and driver's-license numbers will be enhanced by the ability to file reports by computer. The upgrade was to take about five weeks.

South Dakota

Gov. Bill Janklow said in August he is providing more than $2.1 million for new equipment at four technical institutes so that students will be prepared to receive better-paying jobs. In five years, Janklow has now provided $10,253,841 to upgrade the technical institutes at Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Mitchell and Watertown.


Public Technology Inc. awarded an R&D grant to Memphis for a residential fuel-cell system demonstration, a research project that will categorize fuel cells by various components and select one to be installed into a residential system.


The Texas Workforce Commission's new Web site offers employers and those looking for work the chance to connect free of charge. Hire Texas already holds information on 30,000 jobs and has 1.4 million registered users looking for jobs, making it the best place to look for work in Texas.


The state's mobile data-collection system and law enforcement laptops earned an Intergovernmental Applications award from NASIRE. The program is an in-vehicle laptop system connected to an intergovernmental and private-sector network used to support local police, highway patrolmen and others in law enforcement.


The Vermont Center for Geographical Information Inc. , at the University of Vermont, has created a CD-ROM package of state GIS data for those looking to "jumpstart" a GIS operation.


Gov. James Gilmore was named to the National Governors' Association's Information Task Force.


Then-acting Department of Information Services director Clare Donahue participated in Gov. Gary Locke's Capital for a Day event, which sought to take state government to local communities. She discussed technology and development issues with local officials.

West Virginia

See featured item.


The state could spend up to $1 million on new or existing biotechnology companies under a plan approved by a legislative panel. The plan is designed to draw high-tech companies to Wisconsin. USA Today


The Wyoming Department of Transportation formed a GIS Implementation Task Force. The task force has put together a multistage, GIS-development proposal. Phase one, already under way, will include constructing the agency's first GIS base map and integrating data records from the agency's Utilities Section. Also during the first phase, scheduled for completion by Nov. 15, department program managers and field administrators are being interviewed to determine how GIS can best be used. *

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