The University of South Alabama's College of Medicine and BellSouth flipped the switch in June on the area's first comprehensive distance medical network. The $3 million Southwest Alabama Rural Telehealth Network will help medically underserved patients in rural areas receive medical testing and diagnoses over a high-speed video-conferencing

and data network.


Vowing to carry out his commitment to improve government service through the use of technology, Gov. Tony Knowles recently unveiled the state's new Online Public Notice System. Citizens will now be able to access many services online.


The state immunized only 46 percent of its children in 1994. But that was when the Arizona State Immunization Information System was launched. By January 1998, immunization of children was up to 78 percent. The Arizona Republic


At its annual meeting in late June, the Southern Growth Policies Board appointed Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee chairman. The board represents 14 states and Puerto Rico. In this position, Huckabee will serve as chairman of the Southern Technology Council and the Southern International Trade Council for the next year.


Net at Two Rivers (N2R), a nonprofit organization based in Sacramento, is designing and building a Web site for its "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" (FYBR) virtual-mentoring project. N2R is the nation's first regional community electronic network to specialize in job- and life-skills mentoring via the World Wide Web.


People interested in working for the city or county of Denver may now apply for jobs online. Applicants may visit the DenverGov Web site and click on the "citizens" icon for employment information.


Gov. John Rowland signed legislation in June that lets small companies carry over their net operating losses on their corporate income taxes for 20 years and creates a research-and-development tax credit exchange. The legislation was designed to attract high-tech companies.


In June, State Police caught its first suspect with a custom-built "bait" car, an "average, nondescript" car left running. But once a would-be thief gets in the car and puts it into gear, he gets a rude surprise. The car stalls. It's rigged to shut down before the thief can even get it out of the parking lot.


A 10-year-old imaging system and a new case-management system are bringing several courtrooms in Brevard County, Fla., closer to the Digital Age. The first electronic document-management system in Florida went live in July and will link to the clerk's system by January.


The state's Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) has created GeorgiaPage to provide users with a new way to reach out and page someone. GeorgiaPage allows DOAS paging customers to use the Internet to send messages either through regular e-mail, online service providers or through the DOAS paging Web page.


A $6 million, public-private partnership between the University of Hawaii, the state and the Harold K. L. Castle Foundation was unveiled in July. The partnership will establish a new Hawaii Institute of Biogenesis Research at the University of Hawaii.


The state has begun the process of changing its presence on the Internet. This summer, the state issued a request for proposals (RFP) to search for a contractor to build a portal for the state, to be called "Access Idaho."


Illinois State Police will distribute a $1.5 million grant to local police agencies to support juvenile justice reform. The grant money will be used to buy live scan equipment -- advanced technology that captures and electronically transmits fingerprints.


Indianapolis is implementing an integrated technology system for automated land development that includes permitting,

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