Product News

Product News

by / September 30, 1999
Helping Drunks See the Light
The P.A.S. III is both a flashlight and an alcohol-screening system that allows law enforcement officials to check for the presence of alcohol without the subject's active participation. As the subject speaks, a small sensor draws a sample of the subject's exhaled breath or air in front of and around an individual through a fuel cell.

Subjects need to speak for about four seconds for PAS III to detect and register blood-alcohol levels on a color-coded display.

It is well-suited for sobriety checkpoints, schools and law enforcement and can help determine the role of alcohol during the emergency management of unconscious individuals. P.A.S. III is also well-suited for detecting alcohol in enclosed spaces such as vehicles, aircraft, trains and rooms.

Additional information in available by contacting PAS Systems at 540/372-3431.

Reach Out and Touch Someone
For years, scientists have tried to bring the virtual world into the physical world. FEELit is a pointing device that allows users to physically interact with anything the cursor touches, giving the sense

of touch to all aspects of user interaction.

According to the company, users can feel things such as shapes, textures, liquids, hills, valleys and other physical sensations.

"We are bringing a new mode of human-computer interaction to mass markets," said Louis Rosenberg, Immersion's president.

"We expect it to fundamentally change the way people think

about computing, making the digital world of software tangible and accessible. A good user interface will no longer just look good, it will feel good