Public Safety

Public Safety

by , / July 31, 1999
Matt Brown

Mathew W. Brown is the manager of the communications center for the Information Services and Communications Division of the West Virginia Department of Administration.

Jim Chu

For the past two years Jim Chu has been the Vancouver Police project manager on the $200 million Emergency Communications for Southwest B.C. (E-Comm) project which involves consolidated dispatch, CAD, digital trunked radio and records management.

Don Evans

Don Evans is the director of the Department of Information Systems and Telecommunications for Montgomery County, Md., and the principal architect of the program's design, metrics, template, methodologies, and administrative procedures to mitigate the risks associated with the Y2K problems.

Danny Hobby
Danny Hobby is currently project leader for 911 RDMT, a potential regional communication network involving voice radio, computer aided dispatch, mobile-data communications, GIS and a new emergency-communications center.

G. Thomas Steele

G. Thomas Steele is the commander of automation with the Alexandria, Va., Police Department. He is also co-founder of the International Association of Chief