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Alarming Development

Winnsboro, S.C., is working smarter by using DiaLog to monitor units for gas, water, sewer and electrical power.

"DiaLog keeps me in compliance, and it lets me know ahead of time when and where a problem might arise," said Otis Williams, Winnsboro's supervisor of Water and Wastewater Treatment. "It lets me know the status of my lift station. If I lost power, DiaLog will call me or some other designated person to make us aware that the station is on battery backup."

Williams also praises the program's variety of options. "I have the choice of having numerous people listed as contacts. DiaLog also has a rotating list that I can bounce back and forth. If it is a certain alarm, list one gets covered. If it is another alarm, list two gets covered."

The system features include:

* eight-line LCD, expandable to 40 inputs;

* sounding of alarms on power failure;

* monitoring and reporting of low battery voltage;

* alarm notification over phone, cellular phone, pager or radio;

* remote programming;

* a minimum of 16 hours of battery backup;

* an option for modem communications;

* radio interfacing;

* automatic arming and disarming;

* recording of voice messages and clear notification of alarm conditions; and

* a sealed membrane keypad.

It costs $1,625 for up to four numbers, and $2,610 for up to 16 numbers. Additional information is available by contacting ANTX Inc. at 512/257-1310.

Staring at the Wall

Lightweight wall-hanging LCD monitors such as the MultiSync LCD 1500M have the industry looking for record sales in 1999. The MultiSync unit offers a high resolution, flicker-free image on a 15-inch active-matrix multimedia LCD. It provides two one-watt front-mounted stereo speakers. The audio controls adjust volume, bass/treble and mute.

Four USB ports let it serve as connection for up to four high-and low-speed USB devices, including video-conferencing cameras, keyboards, scanners and mice. Its hot-swapping capability allows easy connections for true Plug & Play convenience.

The 1500M weighs 11.5 pounds and measures 3 inches deep. It has a 15-inch viewing area and a maximum resolution of 1024x768. It offers across-the-board compatibility for both PC and Mac computers, as well as Sun workstations, Silicon Graphics workstations and x-terminals. It costs $999. Additional information is available by contacting NEC at 630/476-5000. NEC The prices listed were the most accurate single-unit figures available at press time. Please contact vendors for current prices.


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