The Alabama Supercomputer Authority, which provides Internet connectivity to state government, industry and education, agreed to upgrade its system to permit researchers to study problems of greater complexity and provide faster turnaround for most problems. The Cray SV1 system from Silicon Graphics promises an eightfold increase in processing power.


The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution in January supporting state action to remedy Y2K-related issues. The organization urged timely action by the Legislature to allocate the resources necessary to implement a plan "to minimize exposure to potential litigation and other liabilities."


Maricopa County created Agenda Central, a program on its intranet to expedite the approval of Board of Supervisors agenda items. Agenda items are now submitted simultaneously to all departments, cutting approval time from eight weeks to two and saving reams of photocopied paper.


The Arkansas Economic Development Commission launched a new Web site that offers free job postings for Arkansas companies, links to communities, educational institutions and descriptions of the quality the state offers. As of Jan. 7, the site had received 169,000 hits from all over the world.


Beverly Hills has established a city forum on its Web site so that people can post information or provide input on relevant issues. The postings are monitored by city staff.


A GIS application allows Denver officials to evaluate the environmental liability of donated property in two hours, a process that formerly took three to five days. Inspectors can call up reports on nearby suspected pollution sites, past inspections and other environmental documents.


The University of Connecticut is using estimating software by Pulsar to compare construction bids for projects under $1 million that fall within the university's delivery-order contracting program. The software is similar to that used by the military.


The state's Department of Public Safety has a number of IT initiatives planned beyond June, including technology inventory and project management systems, vehicle-registration renewals, improved disaster-recovery planning and additional document imaging systems.


The Florida League of Cities maintains a list of vendors who provide Y2K services on its Web site, which also has links to the national and state Y2K Web sites. Quality Cities


State law requires all financial institutions doing business in Georgia to participate in an administrative program to identify account information of people delinquent in payment of child support.


Surgeons on the Big Island and in Honolulu used two-way closed-circuit television in February to collaborate during an eye operation on a 16-year-old Honokaa girl. The world's first operation using this type of telemedicine was done because the girl would have had trouble traveling to Honolulu. This way, the doctor advising the surgeon didn't have to make a daylong trip to Waimea. Honolulu Star-Bulletin


NetTV announced that Idaho's K-12 schools have chosen NetTV's 29-inch SVGA and 34-inch XGA progressive scan digital monitors as part of the statewide J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation Grant for Education Technology.


The state police chose Pathlore Software's Phoenix enterprise training software to teach as many as 30,000 criminal justice workers to draw information from the new integrated criminal justice computer system. The computer-based training is expected to quickly pay for itself by eliminating the need for workers to travel to three-day classes and overtime pay for other workers to fill in for them.


A new "reverse-911" system was tested in Henry County. The computerized phone system can be programmed to call homes and businesses affected by emergencies. According to Sheriff Kim Cronk, if the testing goes well,

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