Stillman College in Tuscaloosa received a $3.7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to implement a welfare-to-work program. The program is expected to help 800 people by teaching parenting skills, computer technology and financial management. Birmingham Post-Herald


A hand count of 43,000 write-in votes and recounts of two state House races have confirmed the accuracy of the state's new Accu-Vote system. After using the new system for both the state primary and general elections in November, the Alaska Division of Elections concluded that the new machines were more accurate than counting by hand.


A $6.9 million technology grant awarded to the Phoenix Union High School District will be used to allow teachers and students to connect with students in Japan, China, France, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan and the Czech Republic -- all countries with which Phoenix has sister-city relationships.


Arkansas signed a $1.2 million deal for VistaCapture, a software development toolkit designed by Southern Computer Systems. The system will be used to develop new data-entry applications and to convert more than 80 applications in current use.


Palo Alto, home of Stanford, provides realtime information on creek levels as part of an updated emergency system. Creek levels are displayed on the Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion system and fed to the city's Web site .


The Boulder Valley School District is using 60 Casablanca nonlinear digital video editing systems by DraCo Systems to help students produce videos using a simple operation developed for those not technologically proficient.


The state police radio system is so unreliable that about a third of Connecticut's troopers carry their own cellular phones as backup, a union leader said. Public Safety Commissioner Henry Lee said an additional $20 million has been earmarked to upgrade the old radio system, which dates back to 1981. USA Today


Delaware has a customized client/server family assistance management system developed by Deloitte Consulting. The system allows case workers to spend less time filling out paperwork and is expected to speed benefit delivery.


Twenty-eight law enforcement agencies in Florida have been awarded U.S. Justice Department grants to purchase computers that could speed up background and license plate checks. The Miami Herald


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will upgrade its Automated Fingerprint Identification System with NEC Technologies AFIS21 system. Valued at $5.1 million, the system will modernize the current system, provide Y2K compliance and connect more local criminal justice agencies to the state system.


Lt. Gov. Mazie K. Hirono worked with University of Hawaii President Kenneth Mortimer to build a partnership with the business community for transfer and commercialization of technology developed at the university.


Based on a suggestion from a state resident, Gov. Phil Batt implemented a program allowing applicants for state jobs to file their forms with any of the state's 24 job service offices. A listing of job openings and job-service offices is available on the state's official Web site.


The Chicago Fire Department has signed a $1.25 million agreement with ZOLL Medical Corp. for rugged notebook computers to replace pen-based field computers at the city's EMS



The Certified Nurses Aide Registry, a service provided by Access Indiana Information Network, allows employers to verify whether a CNA's certificate is current. The service requires a $50 annual subscription.


The Cedar Rapids City Council approved the purchase of new in-car computers for the city's police force, replacing computers that were less than two years old. The Council determined that it would cost less to buy new computers than to upgrade existing

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