Alaska | Alaska's Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) system is a 24-hour computer/telephone system that automatically notifies crime victims of

prisoner releases, furloughs or escapes from custody. Victims can also query the system for information.

Arizona | Phoenix developed a Permit Internet Map System to streamline design, processing and construction of utility infrastructure. The system links to the city's GIS and provides utility companies with realtime interactive maps to aid in their design. It also tracks the progress of permit applications over the Internet.

Arkansas | At Beebe High School in Beebe, parents, students, teachers and school administrators have immediate access to teachers' daily grade books via the Internet, and even families without a computer have access via telephone. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

California | IntraVerse signed a contract to provide security and privacy protection for confidential information maintained in the Statewide Automated Welfare System.

Colorado | Eagle County contracted with Convergent Group for the purchase of hardware and software for its countywide GIS project. The project involves the use of Digital Alpha servers, Compaq workstations and Oracle software.

Connecticut | Six hundred police patrol units involving 36 municipalities, two universities, the Capitol Police and the State Police can now receive and transmit crime and vehicle information directly from patrol cars.

Delaware | The most ambitious capital campaign in the history of the University of Delaware includes $50 million to fund construction of a new engineering building with the latest technological equipment and an electronic library. Newark Post

Florida | Palm Beach County published a guide to information on the county's home page for other county departments, major municipalities and chambers of commerce. County News

Georgia | Ben J. Dyer, president of Intellimedia Commerce, was inducted into the Georgia Technology Hall of Fame, formed in 1993 to honor individuals whose lifelong achievement have contributed to the growth of the technology industry and community at large in Georgia.

Hawaii | Honolulu Community College officials entered into an agreement with CiscoSystems to create the first Cisco Regional Networking Academy in the Pacific. The academy will provide computer network design and installation technology to high schools.

Idaho | State and local government officials joined forces in October to address issues related to vital government services affected by the Y2K transition. Officials from a variety of agencies, including school districts, are working together to solve data-sharing problems.

Illinois | Sex offenders registered in the city of Chicago are now listed on the Internet. Searchable by police department beat number, the 2,415-name list can be accessed in minutes. Chicago Tribune

Indiana | Indiana Attorney General Jeff Modisett filed suit against an Internet provider that pulled the plug on at least 150 customers who paid up to $299 in advance for two years of service.

Iowa | The Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance has implemented a paperless Income Tax Telefile system by IPAT. Tax returns can be completed and filed via telephone.

Kansas | International visitors have been taking a look at how Kansas agencies work with the federal government and the private sector to create new technology business, according to the Lawrence Journal-World. It seems that Silicon Valley is a bit too advanced for the European Union, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Germany and China, which are just beginning to develop similar programs.

Kentucky | Kentucky State Police officials signed contracts valued at $6 million with Printrak International Inc. for fingerprint capture stations and upgrades to an automated fingerprint identification system.

Louisiana | The U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded a $344,000 grant to Louisiana State University Medical Center to develop a Teletrauma Network linking five rural hospitals so that doctors can share expertise in realtime.

Maine | Durham Elementary School's Travel Agent project, which allows students to research information on foreign countries and prepare "travel packages," won the Internet Innovator Award sponsored by National