organizations, including Government Technology.

North Dakota | The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks recently began offering a new master's program in Instruction Design and Technology. Among other things, the program teaches students how to incorporate learning principles and technology.

Ohio | ACT OHIO is a grassroots, nonprofit statewide organization dedicated to the continued funding of classroom technology in grades 5-12 and the maintenance of funding of technology in grades K-12. The group is a coalition of parents, teachers, school administrators, technology specialists, community leaders and business representatives.

Oklahoma | Oklahoma State University technology officials helped create a "virtual corporation" of more than 60 entities and 45 small Oklahoma businesses to successfully compete for a $30 million Defense Department contract.

Oregon | Oregon has a comprehensive travel information system online that is designed to save residents time, money and hassles while they are on the road.

Pennsylvania | The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is collaborating on a learning center offering department employees free training on information technology and computer skills during lunch and after work hours.

Rhode Island | Providence Place Academy high school is scheduled to open inside a shopping mall in August. With regular curricula, students will be taught high-tech retail skills such as how to use computers and satellite technology to send daily sales tallies to home offices. The project is part of the state's school-to-career program. The Providence Journal

South Carolina | A $54,285 grant for math, science and technology training in South Carolina schools will fund the creation and modeling of math and science lessons using video, the Internet and other technologies.

South Dakota | At a South Dakota Municipal League conference, attendees were told that isolationism and failure to produce businesses and workers aware of the current economic climate will leave many small towns scrambling for a means to survive, but new technologies can save many of these communities.

Tennessee | An Integrated Justice Information System has been established in the Nashville metropolitan area. This will help shift the region from a paper-based system to computerized court processing, arrest information, financial tracking and prosecutor management.

Texas | About 100 computer laboratories in middle schools in Texas have replaced the traditional word processing, game and math tasks for exploratory learning experiences in subjects such as energy, computer graphics animation and rocketry. Instead of teaching what science is, the Synergistic Systems Labs claims to allow students to become scientists. Houston Chronicle

Utah | West Valley City police are studying a proposal to access the Immigration and Naturalization Service database by modem to aid in identifying illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the area. Police have the same computer hardware and software as the INS, as well as a fingerprint readers and digital cameras. The city's 141 squad cars are equipped with laptop computers, and officers are seeking grant funds to pay for optical fingerprint readers. Salt Lake Tribune

Vermont | The Morristown Select Board selected Burlington's Market Makers to conduct a year-2000 audit of the town's computers, including police, fire, ambulance and library systems. Cost of the audit is $1,000, plus $65 to $250 for each computer. (Lamoille County) News and Citizen

Virginia | A study on the impact of subsidized housing on property values in mixed-income communities in Fairfax County is available online . The study concludes that there was no significant difference in price trends between assisted and non-assisted homes. County News

Washington | The first phase of Y2K tests and corrections at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is projected to cost more than $4 million, and the entire project may run as high as $36 million. More than 100 systems, such as baggage-handling and electronic displays and clocks, are included in the project, according to the Seattle Times.

West Virginia | Thirty-six Community Partnership Grants totaling $668,000 are assisting West Virginia counties with a variety of programs. Grant County plans to contract with a planner and computer consultant to develop and implement a project-performance tracking system to assist in federal reporting requirements.

Wisconsin | The first person convicted of rape in Milwaukee County through DNA database evidence was imprisoned in Wisconsin for three home-invasion rapes when his DNA was linked to the crime. The Illinois man pleaded guilty to the 1994 rape of a Marquette University student. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wyoming | The University of Wyoming began offering courses via the Internet in January. Students can be admitted to Online UW, register for classes and pay fees electronically.


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