offers a 140-degree horizontal viewing angle and pivot capabilities with multidimensional data-structure viewing with PerfectPortrait software. It consumes only 40 watts of power. Additional information is available by contacting ViewSonic at 909/869-7976.

Look Who's Talking

The mm220 videophone allows users to make face-to-face calls. Users simply press the video-call button, key in the number and press OK. It is designed for connection to an ISDN phone line, which provides far clearer images and faster transmission speeds than conventional phones. It is built around the H.320 international communication standard and provides a color LCD display, built-in adjustable camera, keypad and full duplex echo-cancellation for speaker phone. Additional information is available by contacting Motion Media, in England, at +44-0-1454-313444.

Get Out of Jail (Not Quite Free) Card

The Santa Clara County, Calif., jail will be providing suspects arrested for certain crimes -- misdemeanors, vandalism, assault, DUI, vandalism, etc. -- access to a bail teller machine, allowing them to use their credit card to get out of jail. The machine won't spit out cash, but will transfer funds to secure bond. The machines are expected to save taxpayer money and ease jail overcrowding and unnecessary stays for those ordinarily without ready access to cash. California's San Luis Obispo is currently operating one kiosk. The suspects get part of the money back from the county once the case is resolved, and the county gets a percentage as well. Local bail bondsmen are complaining about the competition, and the matter is currently in court. Additional information is available by contacting Judicial Solutions. Call John Bergmann 949/494-6282.

A Time Clock of Your Very Own

Keeping track of time can cost time. But now, the hand-held Electronic Time Machine simplifies the excruciating chore of writing down your arrival and departure times and doing the subtraction. The complete time-tracking and reporting system eliminates the need for paperwork, math work and guesswork. It can be programmed to track time by user, client, project and task, and the information recorded can be transferred to a personal computer or laptop to generate timesheets, payroll records, invoices, and performance and productivity reports. It features control locks to maintain data integrity and security, it holds up to 3,600 timing transactions between uploads, has a capacitor that powers the memory during battery changes and an LCD display. An alarm tone can be set to periodically indicate timing status. Records are filed and editable. The TimeWriter software is compatible with Windows 3.x, 95, 98, and NT. Additional information is available by contacting Stratos Industry Inc. at 800/990-TIME.


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