Hoover High School teacher Ron Dodson was honored by the Milken Family Foundation with one of six National Educator Awards for his dedication, leadership, ability to instill character in students and innovative use of technology in teaching and learning.


While registering vehicles online through the Division of Motor Vehicles at , Alaskans can view design options for personalized or vanity plates and check to see if requested numbers or characters are available. Registration can also be made by calling 888/DMV-KWIK.


Pima Community College is working with DRA Software Training to offer credit for Microsoft and Novell training courses. The program offers basic training, limited programming and troubleshooting education. Inside Tucson Business


The Northwest Arkansas Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology robotics competition is an effort by state educators to motivate students to choose technical careers. A recent trial run involved a simulation in which robots were designed and programmed to clean up toxic waste. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


About 400,000 tax-parcel maps for Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area will be digitized under a contract with the Sanborn Map Company Inc. Sanborn will used MicroStation and 1/RAS B technology to produce the maps.


At Colorado State University, a team of scientists is developing a state-of-the-art computer model of a hurricane, hoping to improve on current forecasting tools. They theorize that hurricanes can be predicted by measuring thermal compression waves generated by the energy released by the storm.


A $550,000 federal grant is funding a state police project that places the names of convicted sex offenders on the Internet. Concerned residents can access information on offenders living in their area. The project is part of the state's effort to strengthen Megan's Law, which requires sex offenders to register with local law enforcement when they are released from jail.


Wilmington College officials are offering 38 scholarships to Delaware teachers and administrators for an applied technology education certificate. The new certificate program can be applied toward a master's degree in education. The state has a goal of computer literacy for students by 2000.


More than a dozen Broward County agencies are developing a system to share records of juvenile offenders through a new $500,000 computer link system. The sheriff's department, the school system and the state Department of Juvenile Justice are among those working on the project. County News


A special task force, formed in the wake of a killer tornado that ravaged northeast Georgia in March, recommends a dramatic improvement of communications and warning systems and expanded research into severe storm forecasting. Georgia Cities Newspaper


The state's Department of Consumer Affairs is handling a complaint filed by a Hawaii travel agency regarding the sale of airline tickets through Bank of Hawaii ATMs. The president of the Regal Travel agency alleges that it is illegal for banks to sell travel services.


Scientists in Idaho Falls are using a transport plane and high-tech monitoring equipment to help predict how fires will respond to various conditions. Seven computers on a C-130 plane collect data from sensors on the plane's wing and nose, including particles in the air and global positioning information.


University of Illinois officials were concerned that they lagged behind other Big Ten universities on the technological front, so they formed a Research and Technology Management Office. The project helped generate $3 million in licensing and royalties for UI over 12 months. The News-Gazette


A flight simulator with a computerized video display and a replica cockpit is one of the elements in the new John T. Myers Technology Center