Data-process 'Em, Dano Florida's Department of Law Enforcement awarded a $1.8 million contract to Printrak International Inc. for 34 Printrak LiveScan stations that will become part of a statewide booking identification system.The system holds fingerprints, mug shots and arrest data, and is capable of identifying suspects in seconds. LiveScan units are being deployed to county sheriffs' offices on the basis of booking volume. Some county agencies have purchased the units independently of the state program. Additional information is available by calling Francine Harris at 714/238-2000.

Finger on the Trigger Handguns are a leading contributor to violence and child fatalities. Oxford Micro Devices is developing a fingerprint-verification device that would allow only the authorized user of a gun to fire it. The system could save lives by stopping accidents and preventing the use of handguns by anyone other than the owner. "User authorization is activated by a sensor switch as soon as users hold the weapon's grip. If the user's fingerprints are matched, the gun become activated in less than milliseconds," said Steve Morgan, Oxford Micro Devices president. The system consists of a fingerprint sensor called the FingerChip, developed by Thomson-CSF, a A236 Video Digital Signal Processor Chip and software from Oxford Micro Devices. The handguns can be configured to be fired by one or several authorized users. Additional information is available by calling 203/924-9933 or online at .

Train Engineered to Have No Engineer New York's JFK International Airport is building a driverless Automated Light Rail System to move thousands of travelers between terminals. The system consists of 8.4 miles of predominately elevated double track with 10 stations and 32 vehicles, and will move passengers between six terminals at the airport. The total capital cost of the project is estimated at $930 million. Additional information is available online at .

Tapeless Recorder The Voice IT VR-2000 is a portable digital recorder that records 50 minutes of audio on non-volatile flash memory. An additional 50 minutes of capacity can be added with a removable memory card. Voice IT VR-2000 makes transcribing easy by allowing users to adjust the speed of dictation and insert edits anywhere in a recording. The recording can be transferred to PC, attached to user files and e-mailed or posted on the Web. Additional information is available by calling 970/221-1705 or online at .

Premio Pushes PCs Into New Dimension The Shadowhawk BX PC series provides an ideal balance of performance, manageability and exceptional value. A powerful 300 MHz Pentium II Processor, a 6.4GB hard drive, 32X CD-ROM and 64MB SDRAM DIMM provide superior computing. The system is ready for networking and equipped with 3Com's 3C905-TX PCI 10/100 card. Premio's 14.5-inch TFT flat-panel monitor brings vivid images and multimedia to life with 1024x768 VGA and 256K color support. A Matrox Productiva with 8MB and AGP video card perform brilliantly in conjunction with the LCD monitor in providing superior image quality and performance. The system is loaded with Windows 98, Lotus SmartSuite 97 and more.Additional information is available by calling 636/839-3100 or online at .

Old Wiring, New Networking The PassPort Plug-In Data Networking System allows users to easily connect computers and printers using existing electrical wiring. Computers and peripherals can be connected over ordinary AC power lines. The PassPort plugs directly into any electrical outlet, and users can create a

local area network in minutes. It measures 3.5 inches by 5 inches by 2 inches, and has a data rate of about 350K bits per second. The computer or peripheral is connected to the PassPort Plug-In and the electrical outlet. Additional information is available by calling 801/756-5199 or online at .

Logistics and Transportation Automation The freight industry has come a long way from the days of CB radios and paper files, thanks to the Internet, GPS and other

technologies. Logistics Manager 2