The Alabama Research and Education Network is upgrading its bandwidth from 1.5 Mbps to 45 Mbps to facilitate and enhance intrastate data flow during the system's expansion efforts over the next two years.


An enhanced state paging system means Division of Information Services technicians will be alerted to system problems before failures occur. The system also allows e-mail, voice and numeric messages to be sent to DIS technicians 24 hours a day.


Arizona signed an enterprise-wide license agreement with Phoenix-based ViaSoft Inc. to ensure that all state desktops are year-2000 compliant.


Crime victims can check the status of offenders under the new VINE system. The program offers anonymous phone registration for crime victims, who are automatically notified if an inmate is released, transferred, escapes or dies.


The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting is using GIS software to automate its various business processes and develop advanced solutions that will eventually provide Web-GIS and enterprise-GIS integration across city-government departments.


Coloradans United Against Hatred established a Web site that posts a tolerance message and reports on hate crimes and Internet sites that promote bigotry. The site also lists community events that support positive race relations. It is sponsored by the cities of Denver and Aurora.


In the Superior Court case of Taconic Data Corp. v. Town of Suffield, the judge ruled that fee provisions of the Freedom of Information Act supersede existing court fees. Charges for information on electronic disk have to be limited to cost.


Newark police plan to use their share of a $1.2 million crime-law grant to continue funding computer-aided dispatch and update the records management system. The money may also be used for laptop computers.


High-school and college students will team to design, build and maintain computer networks capable of supporting local, national and global organizations under a partnership between the Florida Community College System and Cisco Systems.


A new management-information system based on a TCP/IP network will give Georgia court officials detailed information about a suspect's history and allow counties to pool information about criminal activity and other court matters.


Voice, video and data technologies play a big role in the Kamehameha School campus being built on Maui. Each classroom will be able to transmit and receive video, enhance public communications, support instructional programming and access distance-learning opportunities.


An Information Technology Training Program offering online registration and class information is available to state workers in Idaho. The program is a collaboration between the state and private industry.


Officials from an elementary school district serving Park Forest and Chicago Heights had to find a way to run computer cables without drilling holes in the concrete block walls. To do this, they used Panduit Pan-Way Type T130 Surface Raceway to access power lines that supplied microwave ovens, pencil sharpeners and other electrical devices.


Indiana University is the site of the Abilene network operations center, an Internet2 backbone network for research and education unveiled by Vice President Al Gore this year. The center is considered critical to the deployment of advanced networking initiatives and services.


The Simplified Tax and Wage Reporting System (STAWRS) is being touted as an easier way to file federal and state tax paperwork. One STAWRS goal is to reduce the tax- and wage- reporting burden on employers.


The U.S. Department of Labor awarded a $2.5 million grant to the state for a one-stop career center system. The grant will be used to link job-training and public workforce programs.