Ready To Serve

WebFORCE Origin200 servers from Silicon Graphics are the next generation of Web servers ideal for Web and intranet applications.

The WebFORCE Server software solution provides Web server software, Netscape SuiteSpot and built-in database connectivity through LiveWire. WebFORCE servers also integrate Silicon Graphics' WebSetup, which enables the setup and management of the Web server; FreshWater Software SiteScope Lite, for Web monitoring and administration; ISS System Security Scanner, which identifies and reports system weaknesses; and RealNetworks servers, for using video on the Web.

The intranet solution provides all the necessary tools to build a solid intranet. It provides a five-user version of Netscape SuiteSpot standard edition, which includes Enterprise, Calendar, Collabra, Directory and messaging servers.

WebFORCE Origin200 supports up to four CPUs, 4GB of shared memory and more than 20TB of storage.

For additional information, contact Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, 2011 N. Shoreline Blvd., 14L-LOB, Mountain View, CA 94043. Call 650/933-8000.


Mending a Broken Heart

Researchers at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute have developed an artificial heart that can help those suffering from heart damage have a normal life.

HeartSaver is placed beside the human heart and powered by a transcutaneous energy transfer system, which transfers electrical power into the device from outside the body without skin perforations.

The system is monitored and controlled through the skin by a biotelemetry device, which also avoids the need for an invasive procedure.

Preclinical trials will begin this year at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and other leading clinics in the United States and Europe.

WorldHeart began the production of HeartSaver in Ottawa in January 1998. First human use is expected in 1999.

For additional information, contact WorldHeart, 1 Laser St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2E 7VI. Call Sandy Armstrong at 613/226-4278.


Downloadable Music from the Internet

Sharp Electronics' MD-X8 audio minisystem allows users to digitally download and store online audio to a recordable MiniDisc.

The disc stores up to 74 minutes of audio on a single 2.5-inch disc.

The MD-X8 connects to a laptop or desktop computer through an optional PCMCIA-card adapter and cable. Once connected, the computer becomes a command center where users can control the minisystem's functions.

The system runs on 80 watts of power and includes a front-loading MD player/recorder, an AM/FM digital tuner with 40 presets, 3D surround sound and two two-way speakers -- all at a cost of $899.95.

For additional information, contact Sharp Electronics, Audio Division, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430. Call 201/529-8917.


Hot Rod Police Bikes

Motorcycles are a key tool in enforcing motor-vehicle laws, and the California Highway Patrol recently purchased 187 1998 BMW R1100 RT-P police motorcycles.

Every bike is custom-made for police use and powered by BMW's two-cylinder, four-stroke Boxer engine, which delivers 90 horsepower at 7,250 rpm. Police-specific modifications include: auxiliary cooling fans -- essential for an engine that must be kept idling or running at low speeds for long periods -- a fire extinguisher, a 700W alternator to keep the battery charged during long shifts, an electrically adjustable windshield that allows riders to adjust for wind flow, riding speed and body position, electrically heated hand grips, adjustable shift lever and an anti-lock braking system -- on both front and back.

Twelve of these cycles were also purchased by the Oregon State Police.

For additional information, contact A&S BMW Motorcycles, 7601 Auburn Blvd., Citrus Heights, CA 95610. Call Tony Felice at 916/726-7334.


ZIPing Around

The Addonics Pocket ZIP drive is specifically designed for notebook or subnotebooks. It is a perfect tool for mobile professionals who need to work on or access files larger than 1.4 MB.