Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field

by / August 31, 1998
With the wet days of El Nino a distant memory to us now in California, it's been a warm and exceptionally busy summer here, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some good news.

First, we received word shortly before going to press that Government Technology received the 1998 Folio Award for Editorial Excellence. This is the second consecutive year that Government Technology has garnered this recognition, taking top honors as the leading publication covering the public sector. The award is a well-earned acknowledgment for our editor, Wayne Hanson, and his team of writers and editors who each month do their best to provide you with a lively and useful journal.

The other news is that, beginning this month, Government Technology has a sister publication -- Converge, a new monthly magazine focusing on the digital revolution's impact on education.

Converge, which has been in development for some time now, began with increasing numbers of requests from Government Technology readers that we focus our distinct editorial approach more specifically on education -- arguably the segment of the public sector that will be most affected by the convergence of computers and communications technology.

Converge is unique in that it covers the entire education enterprise; not just the isolated islands of K-12 or higher education, but the entire scope of lifelong learning. Converge will drill down beneath the hype about technology and provide educators specific insight and detail into the complex factors surrounding the application of new technologies to education. Like Government Technology, Converge will focus on the practical applications of the technology, written in terms that practitioners, not just technologists, can understand.

In addition to our talented team here, the birth of this new magazine would not have been possible without advice and encouragement from a great many Government Technology friends and colleagues. At the risk of leaving many of you out, I wanted to especially thank Bob Walzak of Computer Using Educators, Richard Varn of the University of Northern Iowa, Steve Heard of FASE Productions, Brian Lee of State Technologies Inc., Larry Singer of Public Interest Breakthroughs and David Osborne. Each one of these individuals shares a belief in, and an enthusiasm for, a renaissance in public service that inspires us and leads us at times to do crazy things -- such as launching new magazines.

If you would like to receive a copy of Converge, please drop me an e-mail. I'd be happy to send one along.

We are excited about the future. With Converge joining Government Technology, we are in a stronger position to provide you, our readers, with the most comprehensive and useful information and insights into the application of digital technology to the world of the public sector.

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