Team Leader

During the criminal trial of O.J. Simpson much of the prosecution's evidence was dismissed because of contamination and poor documentation.

To keep that from being a problem, Pacific Northwest Laboratory researchers and Mnemonic Systems are working on an interactive unit, called Team Leader, that enables investigators to accurately capture, store and relay vast amounts of information at crime scenes and other field scenarios.

Team Leader consists of a small computer system that can be worn by the investigator. It combines the latest

geographical information systems with global positioning, multimedia computing and communication. It integrates sophisticated software with data-collection tools, including digital video and still cameras, a voice recorder, a barcode scanner and specialized sensors.

Investigators can track their routes and create a detailed map of the scene. Upon the discovery of evidence, investigators can pinpoint its geographical position with laser measurements and positional data, capture still and video images, and record detailed audio and text notes. The digitized evidence would be transferred immediately to an evidence custodian and assigned a barcode.

Team Leader reduces the number of people needed to assess and prepare a scene for processing, reducing the risk of inadvertent contamination from fingerprints, footprints, hair or fibers.

Team Leader also serves as a portable library, providing access to volumes of stored or online information, such as maps, facility floor plans, databases, reports, forms, investigation protocols and scientific, technical and legal reference materials.

The unit will be field tested by police departments in Baltimore, Miami (Metro-Dade) and Los Angeles.

For additional information, contact Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, P.O. Box 999, Richland, WA 99352. Call Dawn White at 509/375-3688.



InnoVisions, a joint effort between Wells Fargo and Mr. Payroll, will soon make it easier for casino gamblers to receive cash from automatic teller machines by simply showing their face.

The prototype, called the Quest machine, is designed to provide casino customers convenient access to cash and streamline cash management for the casinos.

Users simply enter their Social Security number, and they will be verified -- using TrueFace, a face-recognition software by Miros -- against a previously enrolled image.

For additional information, contact Miros, 572 Washington St., Suite 18, Wellesley, MA 02181. Call 781/235-0330.


Safeguarding Democracy

Unisys is providing Costa Rica with a voter-identification system that incorporates the company's BioWare fingerprint-imaging technology. The company's BioWare fingerprint-imaging system will help Costa Rica accurately verify the identities of two million voters and ensure the integrity of the election process.

All eligible voters are enrolled and issued a tamper-proof ID card on which his/her fingerprints and signature have been electronically captured. The fingerprint information resides as a barcode on their ID cards.

Each applicant's two-finger record is searched against the entire Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) database. The search ensures that each voter's biometrics card is inserted only once.

The system integrates with Unisys PCs and servers, a fingerprint search-match subsystem by Identicator, a Datacard ID-card production subsystem, a Hewlett-Packard optical-image storage jukebox and document scanner, the Oracle relational database, Microsoft Windows, Symbol Technology PDF_417 2D barcode readers, Hitachi video cameras and PenWare signature pads.

For additional information, contact Unisys, P.O. Box 500, Blue Bell, PA 19424. Call Steve Holzman at 215/986-5098.


Take Your Best Shot

Early and timely immunization are the most effective ways to protect children and adults from diseases. Enterprise RMS, by Computer Data Systems, is an immunization registry program that provides accurate immunization histories and information on immunization-registry development and implementation.

The software provides comprehensive immunization evaluation and recommendations, automatic patient recall, secured access and much more.

The system is currently in use by the