Gov. Fob James and a number of local officials broke ground on Adtran's $150-million expansion in Huntsville. The expansion will create 1,500 new jobs.


Phase one of the Online Alaska School Information System will be completed soon. Department of Education and district pilots are working with an integration team to install computer-based systems and procedures to enable effective student record management at both the local and state levels.


The Department of Economic Security is working with North American Morpho on a welfare benefits enrollment project. Morpho will provide an electronic finger-imaging system to detect applicants who attempt to register for welfare benefits in more than one office.


The Fayetteville Public School District entered into a partnership with Intergraph as part of an effort to bring current GIS and CAD software and hardware into their classrooms. NCRI News


Santa Ana firefighters are replacing manual schedule planning with a TeleStaff system which sets schedules through an automated phone system or via computer.


Colorado Springs is using an intelligent transportation system to detect accidents, provide drivers with information and alternate routes, and reduce the amount of accidents on interstate roads. Government Microcomputer Letter


The Department of Transportation is installing a SonetLynx fiber-optic multiplexer from Intelect Network Technologies to support the state's new digital-highway advisory radio service. The intelligent transportation system will speed driver updates as traffic and road conditions change.


Kent County can now be found on the Internet.


Sarasota County is working with Hart Information Services on an imaging system for the Clerk of Circuit Courts' Recording Division. The new system incorporates intranet-based information and image retrieval.


The Department of Transportation contracted with SAIC for the development of a systems facilities subsystem plan -- the first of five subsystems recommended in a GDOT Transportation Information System plan.


The Office of Planning is now using GIS in land-use planning throughout the state. ESRI ARC News


The Human Services Department contracted with Siemens Business Communications for a Women, Infants and Children smart-card technology field study and pilot.


The Chicago Department of Planning and Development is working with The Sanborn Map Company to digitize approximately 630,000 tax parcels within the city. The digitized tax parcels will be registered to Chicago's existing planimetric maps and will allow city planners to link existing databases to graphic features using GIS.


Gov. Frank O'Bannon signed SB 150 into law. The bill will provide a cost-recovery mechanism for wireless carriers and public-safety agencies for the implementation and operation of wireless E911 in the state.


The state Telecommunications and Technology Commission contracted with Windsor Technologies for the development of software programs to enable air construction permit and air operating permit applicants to prepare and submit applications via personal computer.


Olathe and Wichita are working with PlanGraphics for GIS planning and implementation assistance.


When two feet of snow fell on McCreary County and disrupted phone service, Deputy Judge-Executive Bruce Murphy saved the day with e-mail. Murphy contacted the Governor's Office to get a declaration of emergency, allowing the county to get the assistance it needed. NLC News


The Louisiana Patients Compensation Fund Oversight Board, an agency in the Office of the Governor, launched its new Web site.


The Department of Revenue will be implementing multiple Internet Webfiling applications to allow paperless electronic transaction options via the Internet.


Members of the American Association for Geodetic Surveying are helping