The state received a $2.7 million grant from the Gates Library Foundation -- an organization headed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The purpose of the grant is to help ensure all citizens get a fair share of Internet time.


The state launched a new Web site and toll-free IVR phone system that allow residents to order personalized license plates and renew their vehicle registrations online.


The state is using ImageWare's Crime Capture System -- a state-of-the-art digital booking, identification and retrieval program. The system will have 17 remote sites capable of capturing mugshots, scars, marks and tattoo photos for each suspect arrested..


Several Washington County agencies cooperated to develop a local-area GIS database and digital base map for various governmental, land management, urban planning and public safety applications.

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The city of San Jose is working with TRW to develop a comprehensive automated information system for the San Jose Police Department. The new system will allow officers to more rapidly retrieve and analyze crime data and prepare crime reports.


A new high-tech library is being developed to take the place of Colorado State University's library collection, which was extensively damaged by flash floods. The new virtual library is being developed through donations from businesses.


A new Web site has made information on Connecticut prisons and jails available online. The Web site outlines the agency's organizational structure, presents details about correctional facilities, chronicles departmental accomplishments, and makes statistics about the incarcerated population in the state available to the public.


The Department of Education and the Delaware Center for Educational Technology sponsored the Seventh Annual Delaware Instructional Technology Conference. The two-day forum enabled teachers, administrators, technology coordinators and other professionals an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas on the future of instructional technology in the state.


The Department of Revenue is expanding its partnership with Lockheed Martin IMS based on its success in using technology to collect more than $42 million in overdue child support payments over the last two years.


Gov. Zell Miller announced that the Appalachian Regional Commission approved his request for a $320,000 grant to purchase laptop computers for the Towns County Middle Schools. Each student in the school will have access to the laptops, which will also be carried home and used for completing homework assignments.


The state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations and the Department of Land and Natural Resources launched a Web site for the Forestry Department.


The state Senate introduced SB 1546 -- a bill that would appropriate $1.3 million to the state Board of Education for technology in learning projects.


Will County is working with Printrak International on a computer-aided dispatch system with integrated police and fire department records management.


The Indiana Digital County Network is a new comprehensive directory of local information and a template for development of Web sites in all Indiana counties. Over 30 counties in the state already have self-sustaining community sites.


Over 240 Iowa high-school students interacted with Mississippi students via the Iowa Communications Network during National Red Ribbon Week. The activity consisted of a moderated chat revolving around a drug-free environment.


The state is working with Paradigm4 to create a new criminal justice information system, message switch and Web system. The new system makes the state the first to provide a Web-based front end to the message switch, which will allow public safety officials to instantly link with criminal records at local, state and national levels.