kind of public information provided; and cooperating with the Kansas Department of Administration's Division of Information Systems and Communications to achieve the purposes of the network.


The Cabinet for Families and Children, Office of Technology Services, is working in cooperation with the Council of Area Development Districts, Empower Kentucky and the Kentucky Workforce Development Cabinet to implement a statewide directory of human services providers on the Internet using Sybase and Sybase Web tools.


Rep. Richard Baker is cosponsoring legislation to establish an industry-led, nationally-uniform digital signature authentication system.


In his State of the State address, Gov. Angus King announced the state would begin working with the Detwiler Foundation to double the number of high-speed computers available to K-12 students in the state.


Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Baltimore City Police Commissioner Thomas Frazier and over 100 representatives from citizen patrol groups across the state launched the Citizen on Phone Patrol program -- an effort to help citizens fight crime. Bell Atlantic is donating cellular phones, pagers and service so volunteers who patrol their communities at night will have free and instant access to 911.


Commonwealth educators are working with 3Com to develop MassEd.Net -- a new ISP specifically for Massachusetts educators. To help speed the program, 3Com will make its U.S. Robotics 56K fax modem available to educators at a discounted rate.


Pontiac is working with Holland Systems to update technology in the city. Improvements include an automated voucher payment process and a wide area network that links the city's 11 buildings.


The Department of Finance is helping Itasca County develop an outcome-based reporting system for roughly 20 children and family development programs. The system integrates eight data elements from categorical programs and reports the information in terms of whether the services provided meet established goals. Welfare Information Network


The Department of Education was awarded a second grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce/National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The grant will provide continuity in educational programming for chronically ill children, including programs like Keypals, which allow kids to locate penpals using e-mail and the Internet.


The Division of Workforce Development is using Micro Information Products' NonProfit series to help keep track of potential funding sources from the federal government and other places.


Richland County implemented RicoNET -- a network enabling anyone in the county to access library card catalogs anywhere in the county system. The network also provides free Internet access to county residents.


The Department of Labor implemented an IVR system to help handle the 45,000 to 60,000 claims for unemployment insurance benefits it handles each year.


Gov. Bob Miller is promoting a new $44 million school technology bill.

New Hampshire

The Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Child Support is working with Lockheed Martin IMS to process and distribute more than $50 million annually in child support payments to needy families in the state.

New Jersey

Somerset County government is now on the Internet at . County residents can use the site to print out several forms -- including voter registration forms, absentee ballots and land development applications -- which saves them a trip to the office.

New Mexico

The state purchasing agent recently awarded price agreements to US West Communications and the General Services Department, Information Systems Division, based upon on a joint proposal submitted in response to a Network Operations Center Services RFP.

New York

New York City purchased Control Software's MCMS fleet management system. The system will track and automate fleet maintenance activities for the city's 26,000-plus vehicles.