The unit measures 4x3x1.4 inches and is ideal for vehicle or people-safety recovery tracking. The unit could be placed on any vehicle, person

or child for monitoring and locating.

Reading Municipal Light, an electric utility company in Massachusetts that serves 25,000 customers, is planning to integrate R2 for vehicle

tracking and dispatching needs to increase its response time to customer requests.

For additional information, contact Paradigm Advanced Technology, 120 Carlton Street, Suite 419, Toronto, ON Canada M5A 4K2. Call David Curson at 416/929-6565.

Tough Camera

The V100 is a bullet-resistant video-surveillance camera that can withstand an assault from a 9mm handgun or a 12-gauge shotgun.

It is 5 inches long, 3.5 feet in diameter and weatherproof.

It comes with a color or monochrome high-performance camera, lens, enclosure and universal mounting hardware.

For additional information, contact Silent Witness Enterprise Ltd., 6554 176th Street, Surrey, BC Canada

V3S 4G5. Call 888/289-2288. Internet: .

Remote Control for Your Car

The CreataLink Control Module, developed by Motorola, is a long-range car pager that enables drivers to control

various functions on their cars. Once installed on a vehicle, the driver

can turn on the headlights, sound the horn or shut the engine on or off.

It can even be activated when there are thousands of miles separating the driver and his car. To do this, the user dials a toll-free pager number and enters two codes -- one to identify the vehicle and the other to activate the system. Afterwards, the caller selects from a list of functions.

Car rental, financing and insurance companies have become interested in the system as a means to disable a vehicle driven by a deadbeat customer or a thief, or it could allow entry into a car with its keys locked inside or lost.

The device costs about $100 plus $25 for unlimited paging for a year. There is an additional $50 charge for installation. The range is nationwide in North America. CreataLink will hit the consumer market sometime in the first quarter of 1998.

For additional information, contact Motorola. Call 888/668-3273. Internet: .

Speed Chek

Want to know how fast things are moving? Speed Chek determines the speed of moving objects up to 150 mph or 199 kmph.

It features a three-digit LED display, conversion switch (miles

per hour or kilometers per hour), last-speed recall and an automatic shut-off power saver, which activates after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Speed Chek weighs about 1 pound and is powered with six AA alkaline or NiCad batteries or an AC adapter.

For additional information, contact Gamma Racquet Sports, 200 Waterfront Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Call 800/333-0337. Internet: .

No More Busy Signal

PhoneDoubler, developed by Ericsson, allows Internet users to make and receive phone calls while logged onto the Internet without a second phone line.

PhoneDoubler is available from Internet Global Service in the Dallas area and costs $9.95 a month plus a $29.95 set-up fee or $15.95 a month with no set up fee for dialup customers.

PhoneDoubler requires Windows 95, Windows 3.x or Windows NT with a TCP/IP stack and SLIP/PP; a 486DX22/66 or better with speakers and microphone; a half- or full-duplex audio card; wave APIS; a 14.4 baud or higher modem; and it also works with ISDN terminal adapters.

For additional information, contact PhoneDoubler, 359 Lake Park Roads, Suite 114, Lewisville, TX 75057. Call Peter Dauterman at 972/221-1335.

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