The state Dept. of Public Safety launched a new Web site at .


The Dept. of Transportation is using ManTech Design and Development Corp. to design and install a new distributed client/server application to meet their capital forecasting needs. The system is expected to improve the agency's management of ongoing road and bridge projects.


Boston won an honorable mention in Public Technology Inc.'s 1997 Solutions/Technology Achievement Awards competition for creating TechCtr@Boston -- a building that brings together companies utilizing the Internet, multimedia, architecture, real estate management and venture capital to share resources and ideas.


The Dept. of Management and Budget is standardizing desktop computers for state employees as part of a plan that will allow the state to reduce hardware costs, improve delivery times and ensure that state employees' computers are either fixed or replaced within 24 hours of a service call.


The Dept. of Children, Families and Learning is working with Olsen, Theilen & Co. to conduct training sessions designed to help schools apply for E-rate discounts. The training sessions will also be available via videoconferencing to outlying areas.


The Dept. of Corrections is using an Information Management system from Minolta Information Systems that manages accounting records and inmate records. The system includes a workflow capability, which permits the intelligent routing of documents for automated review and action.


The state Highway Patrol is working with MTW Consulting on a Y2K solution that will move all mainframe applications to a model-based and platform independent new technology.


The state licensed PeopleSoft Financials for Public Sector and HRMS for Public Sector as part of a project called MT PRRIME. The goal is to provide most of the state's field offices with improved access to financial and human resources information, centralize data and streamline business processes.


The state is implementing International Public Access Technologies' datacenter-based Personal Income Tax Telefile solution, which will allow for paperless tax return processing via the telephone, Internet and remote PC.


The Las Vegas Fire Dept. is using ARC/INFO GIS software to track previous fires and plan for future fire prevention strategies in the rapidly-growing city. ESRI ARC News.

New Hampshire

The NH WORKS Job and Information Centers are now accessible through the state's Employment Security Web site. The public can use the Web to link to employment-related sites at .

New Jersey

The town of Sparta is working with Sanborn Map Co. in a project that will involve aerial photography, planimetric mapping, digital orthophotography and digital tax parcel mapping. The project will allow Sparta instant access to data via desktop computers.

New Mexico

The state's Information Technology Office recently sponsored two workshops on the Y2K issue, system conversion and testing processes.

New York

The Dept. of Correctional Services purchased 45 DKC-ID1 digital cameras to use for documentation of mug shots and inmate and employee identification cards.

North Carolina

The Division of Social Services utilized the Agency for Public Telecommunications' State Services Network to produce a statewide teleconference via satellite to answer questions about welfare reform and its effect on the state, reaching dozens of county officials at multiple locations. APT Connections.

North Dakota

Grand Forks is using civil engineering and GIS software from Intergraph Software Solutions to aid in the continuing reconstruction of the infrastructure destroyed by flood waters.


Akron is implementing a mobile wireless data solution from Motorola for the city's police, fire and EMS operations.