The Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs was awarded $172,727 by the U.S. Justice Dept.'s Bureau of Justice Assistance. The money will be used to improve computerized identification systems in the state.


Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer formed a committee that will certify technology plans for schools and libraries planning to apply for Universal Fund discounts.


The Dept. of Economic Security awarded a contract to North American Morpho Systems Inc. Rep. Jim Weiers said the goal of the new identification system is to make the welfare-to-work concept a reality.


Washington County is heading a GIS pilot project that involves several different county offices working together to build a combined GIS database. Global Link


The Santa Ana Fire Dept. is using VisiCAD for Fire/EMS. The system will help track important management information so the department can make effective use of personnel and vehicle resources.


Jefferson County is using aerial imagery from Space Imaging EOSAT to populate an online information database used by multiple agencies within the county. Using the system, the county will be able to keep agencies informed of changes that take place in the high-growth area.


The state awarded a contract to CTA Inc. for support of the Dept. of Information Technology's Year 2000 Program Office. CTA will assess the technical and financial impact of Year 2000 issues on the state and develop and oversee a master implementation plan.


The Division of State Police issued a Request for Proposals for the design, implementation, installation and maintenance of a new Communications Message Processor.


The state is working with Unisys Corp. and Viisage Technology Inc. to develop a digital driver's license system.


Gov. Zell Miller announced that the state is seeking partners to help develop a number of electronic commerce applications.


Saint Louis High School students are using software from Eagle Point Software to design a "smart house." The design will include a work-from-home environment and use modern technology and materials.


The state Senate approved a bill that sets aside $1.7 million for a competitive technology grant for participation in the Western Governor's University.


McLean County is working with BDM International Inc. on the implementation of an Integrated Justice Information System. The system is expected to save an estimated $1.2 million annually.


The State Police and Dept. of Corrections are working with NEC Technologies to implement an AFIS21 system that will provide the most advanced fingerprint technology to identify and apprehend criminals.


Following the Iowa Technology Conference and Expo, the Information Technology Management Committee is working to build a process of regular educational opportunities by showcasing technological solutions and their applications.


Frederick Boesch, Kansas' chief information architect in the Information Resource Council, was named to the Executive Committee of the National Association of State Information Resource Executives.


Eastern Kentucky University is using an Interactive Voice Response system from Periphonics to improve efficiency during student registration. PeriGram.


The state Commission on Law Enforcement was awarded $172,727 from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance to help improve their computerized identification systems and integrate them with the FBI's national identification databases.


The state is working with Sapient Corp. to develop a solution that will change the way states administer health and social services programs. The solutions will offer the technology and the support that states need to adapt to changes in federal and state requirements.


The Dept. of Budget and Management Office of Information Technology contracted with BDM International Inc. to provide Year 2000 compliance services to more than 40 state

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