systemwide policy aimed at keeping students away from pornography and other potentially dangerous pursuits on the Internet and at protecting the regional school district from lawsuits that could arise from such activities. Providence Journal-Bulletin.

South Carolina

Greenville County is working with HTE Inc. to build "the next generation" of emergency dispatch software. Greenville 911 officials say the system will ultimately cut response time in half for medical, fire and police emergencies in the county.

South Dakota

The Office of the Attorney General received a $172,727 grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance to help them achieve compatibility with national identification systems that aid law enforcement investigations.


The Dept. of Transportation transformed its 25-year-old database into a robust, flexible and efficient GIS using an Oracle database and a suite of GIS and map-making tools from Intergraph.


The Denton County Dept. of Information Services tested an election Internet site and an automated election information telephone system during the Nov. 4 elections.


Gov. Mike Leavitt and representatives from several state and federal agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the Utah Digital Spatial Data Sharing and Integration Project. The agreement provides a mechanism to cooperatively create and share digital spatial data.


The Dept. of Education, working with the Vermont Spatial Data Partnership, has made display and query of school funding, student achievement and community risk factors available on the Web.


The Division of Child Support Enforcement received a Project Recognition Award from the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships. The award recognizes Virginia for its vision in creating the Child Support Enforcement Privatization Project, which increased child support collections by 50 percent in the first two years.


The Pierce County Sheriff's Dept. and the Tacoma Police Dept. have upgraded their North American Morpho Systems fingerprint imaging systems.

West Virginia

The Criminal Justice and Highway Safety Division was awarded $172,727 by the Justice Dept.'s Bureau of Justice Assistance. The money will be used to improve computerized identification systems in the state.


Gov. Tommy Thompson announced a new education initiative to ensure that the state's students and businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace. The initiative includes using technology to allow students to participate in World Class programs.


The Office of State Lands and Investments is working with The GIS Studio to provide planning services for GIS implementation. The project will involve preparation of a GIS needs assessment and conceptual design, an implementation strategy and cost benefit analysis for the office's seven divisions.

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