What kind of computer do you use at work?

Do you have a home computer?

At work: Dell Latitude Laptop on a LAN docking station - WIN'95

At home: 486 DX - WIN'95

Favorite Internet bookmarks?

-- my alma mater and where my oldest son currently attends.

-- Government Technology Magazine

-- CIO Magazine

What are you currently reading?

Historical novel called 1812 by David Nevin

What's your most important current project?

JEFIS -- Judiciary Electronic Filing/Imaging system.

How many e-mail messages do you get a day?

Ten or more.

Favorite recreational activity?

Hiking; toy trains.

One thing you'd change about information technology?

Update the management methods of its application.

Favorite quote?

"Risk taking is free."

Person you most admire?

Judith A. Kopen, Esq. (my wife)

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