Huntsville uses ISDN and Sensormatic Electronics Corp's Robot HyperScan long-distance picture transmission system to keep an eye on 44 schools from a central monitoring station. The system has aided school security officers in confiscating weapons and capturing burglaries and fights on video.


An E-Rate Implementation Working Group is putting together recommendations for the federally required approval of technology plans as part of the E-rate (education rate) application process.


The Department of Transportation is investing over $20 million in technology to improve the safety and convenience of traveling in northern Arizona. Using an intelligent transportation system, the state will make information about road closures and weather available through traveler information kiosks and the Internet.


The state is now using the services of Midwest Payment Systems to provide electronic benefits transfer services to its residents.


The Oakland Community and Economic Development Agency is using a new application that provides remote access to a digital warehouse of maps and city data. "Virtual City" was developed in conjunction with Internet consultants from the Dames & Moore Group.


The state implemented the Bid Information and Distribution System, an Internet-based service that opens bidding information to any business interested in selling goods and services to state agencies.


The state is working with EDS, Unisys and Xerox, in response to Gov. Rowland's initiative, to bring the state's computer systems into the 21st century.


The state added an "elected officials contact list" to their Web page. The list includes e-mail addresses for most elected officials.


The county of Hillsborough contracted with SCT Government Systems for the full complement of BANNER Courts System software products, project management and systems integration services.


The Atlanta Bureau of Management Information Systems installed a UNISearch System from Com Squared Systems Inc., which allows Atlanta police to access records quickly and easily.


The city and county of Hawaii recently re-instituted its realtime, closed-captioning program for all of its televised council and committee hearings. The program allows access to the county's proceedings to 75,000 hearing-impaired citizens. County News


A law introduced by State Treasurer Lydia Justice Edwards has passed, mandating that fee payments of $100,000 or more be sent by automated clearinghouse. This law expanded the 1989 law, for the electronic payment of taxes, to include fees.

NAST Review.


The Comptroller's Office recently implemented the Statewide Accounting Management System in conjunction with American Management Systems. SAMS makes Illinois one of the first states to implement a fully, year-2000 compliant financial management system.


Indianapolis is working with ESRI and UGC Consulting to help improve the city's return on its GIS investment. The project will result in the rapid deployment of ESRI technology onto the desktops of employees city- and countywide. ESRI ARC News.


The Department of Transportation, in cooperation with American Management Systems, has implemented the first phase of a system to improve permit issuance for oversize vehicles in the state. The system, called EZPermit, will enable the state to electronically issue more than 75,000 permits for over-dimension loads to commercial motor carriers every year.


The state Bureau of Investigation selected Printrak International Inc. for its next generation automated fingerprint identification system technology.


The state police selected Printrak International Inc. to provide an enhanced version of its automatic fingerprint identification system. The enhanced version is able to run unattended because it does not require operators to manually live-scan tenprint entries.


The state is developing processing interfaces for the implementation of Midwest Payment Systems' electronic benefits transfer services.


Maine was one of 10 states to adopt new wireless E-911