The state Real Estate Commission is now online at .


The state is sponsoring a new Web site designed to provide residents with health care information. The site is at .


Court reporters in the federal trial of Gov. Fife Symington are using realtime court reporting to instantly translate their digital stenographic notes into English text. The realtime system is part of the state's advanced computer-integrated courtroom.


The Department of Information Services released an RFP for an impact assessment of year 2000 problems within the state.


The Metro Water District of Southern California in Sacramento awarded a contract to Pacer Infotec Inc. to create a series of hypsography layer digital line graphs for a water study.


El Paso County awarded a contract to International Public Access Technologies to provide an interactive voice response system for local government agencies.


The Department of Transportation purchased four DXC-9000 cameras from Sony Electronics for use in photolog research and operations activities. The cameras will be part of a system that captures a "driver's-eye" record of the state's 7,000 miles of roadways for efficient maintenance, measurement and administration.


The Division of Revenue is using an imaging system along with a Business System Master Plan from Software AG to increase its enforced revenue collection from $15 million to $27 million in four years. Software AG Briefings.


The Department of Labor and Employment Security implemented multiple Periphonics Interactive Voice Response systems throughout the state.


The Department of Labor reported there are now more than 1,200 technology-related firms operating in the state. It predicts technology-related employment will jump by 30 percent by the year 2005.


Gov. Ben Cayetano announced a public-private partnership between the University of Hawaii and Buzzeo Inc. that will give the university a systemwide student information system and a Sun-Java technology center.


The Coeur d'Alene Indian Tribe is under fire from state attorneys general, who are seeking to shut down the tribe's Internet gambling site . The state claims the site violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, which allows gambling to take place only on Indian lands. The tribe maintains that the client/server system's intelligence resides on the tribe's server and therefore gambling transactions do occur on the tribe's land.


Residents of Des Plaines can now file requests to have the city tend to various neighborhood maintenance problems via an Internet service called Our Town 2000. The city is believed to be the first in the country where people can access public works services via the Internet. Chicago Tribune.


Indianapolis is using Complete Street software from CitiTech Systems to help cut pothole repair costs.


The Hawkeye Community College computer lab received donations from Eagle Point Software, Rockwell Collins and John Deere & Co. The lab will serve the needs of students in programs like agriculture, drafting and engineering technology.


Gov. Bill Graves hosted the Midwestern Governors' Conference in June, where 12 Midwestern governors discussed telecommunications and energy.


Mayors from eight cities are discussing building a telecommunications network that would invite competition to TKR Cable and Cincinnati Bell, the current telecom providers. Using fiber-optic technology, the cities say the new system could provide services faster and with better quality.


The state Land Office launched a Web page at .


The state issued an RFP for a New England Child Support Enforcement System that would replace their current system.


The state selected Lockheed Martin IMS to develop a "