The state Department of Rehabilitation Services just launched a Web site. It can be found at


Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer was among 13 public officials from around the nation appointed to the newly formed Federal Communication Commission Local and State Government Advisory Committee.


The Pima County Health Department pioneered a system to reach low-income families without Internet access with health-related parenting information through touch-screen kiosks located in county health department clinic waiting rooms.


The Legislature enacted wireless E911 legislation, paving the way for wireless E911 services to be provided to cellular telephone users in the state.


The city of Brea selected PlanGraphics Inc. to perform an information technology situation and needs assessment for its Development Services Department. The assessment will focus on automated permitting, GIS and utilizing the Internet.


Denver Fire is using VisiCAD for Fire and EMS to help them track the precise locations of fire units, track personnel accountability, and automatically build dynamic response plans. Dispatch Monthly.


The Department of Social Services began an electronic benefit transfer project in the Greater Waterbury area. Through the use of an EBT card, clients can now access cash benefits through ATMs and food and cash benefits at retailers' point-of-sale terminals.


The state received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Technology Literacy Challenge Fund. Officials plan to use the grant to complete the wiring of every school in Delaware within the next three years.


The Boynton Beach Human Resources Department recently implemented LaserFiche document imaging software to maintain all employee records.


The Savannah Area GIS awarded a contract to Photo Science Inc. for the development of digital orthophotography and associated vector data products.


The state has made it easier for citizens to lobby the Legislature with a fully equipped and staffed "public access room." The room, located at the capitol, contains four terminals which allow residents access to legislative documents. State Legislatures.


Kootenai County celebrated National Telecommunications Week in May by recognizing the dedicated service of 911 call-takers and dispatchers. Dispatch Monthly.


The Northern Illinois Police Crime Lab is using a bar-code labeling application from Symbol Technologies Inc. and Porter Lee Corp. to automate evidence tracking. The lab is seeing a tenfold reduction in the time it takes to log evidence.


Kosciusko County selected MSE Corp. to convert its property maps to the county's new geographic information system.


The Department of Inspections and Appeals' Fiscal Services Bureau recently implemented Watermark's Microsoft Windows NT-based document imaging solution to improve accounting processes and payment to the hundreds of state-employed attorneys providing services to indigent clients.


Gov. Bill Graves submitted his FY 1997 budget recommendations, which include $3.8 million for computer upgrade needs in the Department of Administration and $8.2 million to address Y2K computer issues for a number of agencies.


The city of Louisville and the county of Jefferson selected Dictaphone Corp. to provide an integrated, multi-site public safety recording system. The system will give emergency response personnel access to recordings of calls made to any of 12 public safety agencies at seven sites on the network.


The Department of Education was awarded a grant from the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund in May. The state will either focus on funding professional development activities or creating model technology sites within selected schools with the grant money.


State administrative rules are now online. Rule chapters for all rule-making state