I note with some disappointment that your article did not list Washington among "the small but growing group of innovative states" developing legal structures and technical applications for digital signatures. In fact, in 1996, Washington became one of the first states to pass digital signature legislation, and just this year Gov. Gary Locke signed new legislation addressing further such matters as certification of key pairs and liability for loss, theft or fraud.

The Washington State Department of Information Services (DIS) is currently working with Secretary of State Ralph Munro and others to establish implementing regulations by January 1, 1998. Already, DIS has used digital signature technology to conduct a mock election pilot project, improve building and campus security, and develop electronic tax filing systems. We see digital signatures as a key to improving government service in many other areas, as well, and believe that our work so far in developing a legal framework for digital signatures effectively positions Washington to make such improvements a reality.

We are very proud of the work we have done, and hope that in the future you will recognize Washington state as a pioneer and leader in this important area.

Todd Sander

Deputy Director

Department of Information Services

Olympia, Wash.

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