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Product News

by / June 30, 1997
Put This in Your Pipe and Scope It

The P448 is a remote-controlled storm drain inspection vehicle. It patrols pipe as small as 15 inches in diameter, features an elevator-mounted video camera, and employs a dual-range transmission and variable differential allowing it to make sharp turns.

For additional information, contact Pearpoint Inc., 2055 Corporate Way, Thousand Palms, CA 92276. Call Mary Perry at 760/343-7350. Internet:.


Urban Simulation

Urban planners, city designers, developers, investors and government agencies will have a clear understanding of a how a project will look at any stage in the process, with 3D graphic Urban Simulation technology from Coryphaeus Software Inc. and Silicon Graphics.

Urban Simulation allows users to evaluate projects by "flying" anywhere in the scene to see what it looks like and, if necessary, change the location, shape, or size of objects and spaces.

"Urban simulation is democratizing urban planning and construction, making it easy for decision-makers and anyone to see and understand before the building or funding commitments are made," said John Murphy, Coryphaeus' president.

The system was recently used by California's transportation engineers to examine various designs for a proposed San Francisco Bay Bridge.

The system uses Coryphaeus Software's MetroSim Urban Simulation and Silicon Graphics Onyx2.

For additional information, contact Coryphaeus Software Inc., 985 University Ave., Suite 31, Los Gatos, CA 95030. 408/395.4537. Internet: . Silicon Graphics, 2011 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043-1389.


Info Highway Meets Autobahn

Mercedes-Benz drivers and passengers will soon be able to access the Internet on the road. The system integrates the Internet, multimedia, wireless and other advanced technologies like speech recognition.

In the front seat, the driver and front passenger share a dashboard-mounted multimedia screen for Internet-based services. The back-seat system can be used with devices like hand-held controls and wireless keyboards to access interactive games and the Internet as well as navigational services and office applications.

Built-in infrared transceivers will allow passengers to integrate a hand-held personal computer into the vehicle's system. In addition, the center armrest in front has a slot for a personal device such as an electronic organizer or a smart card (similar to a phone card), allowing the driver to bring in personal information and preferences such as electronic calendars and bookmarks for Internet services.

For additional information, contact Daimler-Benz Research and Technology North America, Inc., 1510 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304. (415) 845-2500. Internet:.


Camera On Board

The Nikon Coolpix camera slides directly into the notebook's PC card slot without needing any cables or software. Users can take full-color photos and download them directly into a notebook computer, e-mail or printer.

The camera is able to take close-ups of items as small as a business card from as close as 5.5 inches. It has a recording resolution of 512 x 480, weighs just five ounces and requires four AA batteries for operation.

It is compatible with most notebook computers with a PC card slot and Windows 3.1. A Macintosh-compatible version is also available.

For additional information, contact Nikon Inc., 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747-3064. Call 516/547-4200. Internet:.


Flood Assessment Risk

FloodPlainInfo, developed by On Target Mapping, provides informational and geographic records of national flood plains for approximately 880 counties in the United States and some territories. It provides users with flood-risk data suitable for determining if buildings, dwellings and other structures are within a special hazard area.

FloodPlainInfo's uses include risk assessment, site analysis, underwriting, disaster planning and recovery and strategic planning.

Regular updates are available through the Risk Assessment Subscriber Program.

It is available in either MapInfo Professional or ESRI's ArcView mapping software. A single user license is $199 per county.

For additional information, contact On Target Mapping, 1051 Brinton Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. Call 800/700-MAPS. Internet:.


Digital Whiteboard

Whiteboard or flip-chart presentations can be digitally saved, e-mailed or printed with the Digital FlipChart, developed by Tegrity Inc. Digital FlipChart projects a virtual touch panel onto any ordinary whiteboard surface. Users can control the computer from the whiteboard, including "flipping" pages, capturing annotations and controlling software applications.

Tegrity's image processing software can capture, process and save anything that appears on the board with a camera mounted atop the projector. Digital Flipchart runs on a Pentium-based desktop or notebook PC running Windows 95 and is compatible with any projector.

For additional information, contact Tegrity Inc.,2005 Hamilton Ave., Suite 221, San Jose, CA 95125. Call Andrea Boscoe at 408/369-5150 x.129.


Mobile Mapping

ON-SIGHT is a mobile mapping system designed for surveying and mapping roads and utilities. ON-SIGHT captures geo-coded color stereo images and offers fast collection and positioning of traffic signs, signals, guardrails, utility poles, bridges and pavement condition.

The system consists of a van equipped with a dual-frequency GPS receiver, an inertial navigation system and up to four pairs of digital color cameras. Users can cover over 100 miles a day, and data accuracy is purported to within one horizontal foot.

For additional information, contact TRANSMAP Corp., 1275 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212. 614/487-3636. Internet:.


Wandering Keyboard

Tied to a computer? Use your keyboard from 20 feet away with CNF Inc.'s wireless infrared keyboard, featuring full-sized keys, embedded numeric keypad and a built-in trackball. Battery powered, it comes with automatic sleep and wake-up modes.

The keyboards come with PS/adapter and infrared receiver. The IR receiver plugs into the PC's keyboard port. It runs with DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2 support.

For additional information, contact CNF Inc., 15345 Call Enrique, Morgan Hill, CA 95037. Call 800/826-3462. Internet:.


Sun Boat

The Solar Splash, an annual inter-collegiate boat race, might not be as popular as Formula One racing, but these boats shine -- they shun gas and run on sun.

The solar-powered craft are constructed, designed and raced by engineering students to test their skills and promote practical applications of solar energy.

For additional information, contact Advanced Energy Competition, 403 North Agassiz, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Call George Ettenheim at 520/773-0230.


Distance Learning

Sony's Distant Learning Systems instructor equipment consists of Sony single or 3-CCD Chip high-resolution cameras, Sony Trinitron Color Preview Monitors, Sony Trinitron color display monitors, Sony lavalier microphone, Sony object cameras, half-inch VHS video or recorder player and room control systems.

Student equipment consist of Sony Trinitron monitors, Sony 53-inch Videoscope big screen TV monitors, Sony ceiling microphones, Sony desktop microphones and Sony single or 3-CCD chip high-resolution cameras.

The essential equipment consists of audio amplifier, audio mixer, audio equalizer, echo cancellers, high-performance audio speakers, signal distribution and amplification systems.

For additional information, contact Sony Electronics Inc., 3 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ 07645. Call 800/472-7669


Free IT Performance Measurement Guide

Performance-Based Management: Eight Steps To Develop and Use Information Technology Performance Measures Effectively, developed by the General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Governmentwide Policy, provides valuable information on developing and implementing IT performance.

It explains an eight-step process to link IT investments to agency accomplishments that meet the requirements of the Clinger-Cohen Act and the Government Performance and Results Act.

GSA provides the guide at no charge.

For additional information, contact General Services Administration, Office of Governmentwide Policy, 18th and F Street, N.W., Washington, DC. Call Pat Plunkette at 202/501-1123. E-mail: .

Learn Legislation

The Virginia Senate's Explorer CD-ROM is an interactive learning tool for students who want to learn how the legislative process works. A virtual tour, movies, rich images and animations make it an enjoyable way to learn.

A companion instructor's manual accompanies the CD, providing all text and scripts in the CD as well as some lesson planning material. Both PC and Macintosh version CDs are available .

The CD and the manual cost $15.

For additional information, contact Timothy E. Madel, Senate of Virginia, P.O. Box 396, Richmond, VA 23218. E-mail:
Rescue Beacon

Rescue Beacon is a non-toxic chemical light source that, once engaged, functions as a "beacon" directing public safety personnel to the exact location of the incident.

Users can simply squeeze the center of the beacon and activate the device. It is then attached by an adhesive backing to a surface that is visible from the street.

The chemical light source will remain highly visible for up to two hours and has a shelf life of over two years.

For additional information, contact LB Charts, 7376 Ashley Shores Circle, Lake Worth, FL 33467. Call James Ness at 561/964-2486.

Corel WordPerfect Suite 8

By Bill Curtis

Corel's WordPerfect Suite 8 makes all the right moves. This package is loaded with applications the modern office needs and is neatly tied together with the PerfectExpert.

With PerfectExpert, a new feature itself, the user can take full advantage of what this suite offers. It goes beyond mere templates, providing powerful ways to use existing applications. Once in PerfectExpert, users can choose to create:

* budgets, calendars and tax planners from Quattro Pro;

* balance sheets, employee evaluations and inventory sheets from WordPerfect;

* multimedia slide shows from Corel Presentations.

WordPerfect 8 provides modern features with a slick interface. The shadow cursor lets users click and start typing anywhere on the page. Hyperlinks are made by typing "www," "ftp," "http" or "mailto" before text, and users can create documents in practically any form (including HTML) by simply saving in that format.

Corel's spreadsheet is equally impressive. A novice can effortlessly create functional spreadsheets with Quattro Pro's WYSIWYG views, tools to catch and fix mistakes and more than 60 PerfectExpert tasks. Experienced users will save time and effort while creating more effective spreadsheets with features such as a cell-reference checker, which ensures accuracy by checking and fixing formulas that refer to other cells.

The package is rounded out with several other applications including Corel Photo House, which lets users view, edit and drag pictures in any format onto WordPerfect and Quattro Pro documents.

Corel WordPerfect Suite 8, which runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, requires a 486/66 processor, 8MB RAM (16MB recommended), minimum 50MB of hard disk space for minimum installation (120MB typical installation). A VGA monitor and a CD-ROM is recommended (only Corel WordPerfect 8, not additional applications, is available on 3.5" disks at an additional charge). It retails for $395.

For additional information, contact Corel Corp. at 1600 Carling Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Z8R7. Call 613/728-0826. Internet: .

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