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Product News

by / April 30, 1997
Online at the Airport

You've got a two-hour layover in San Francisco, and some choices to make. Call the office, read a magazine, have a cup of coffee, visit the gift shop, or get some work done. Now, in Dallas and a few other airports around the country, travelers can use a QuickATM kiosk to log onto AOL, CompuServe, Microsoft Network, or the Web.

Users have telnet access to remote files, can send and receive e-mail, get travel information, send faxes and more. The kiosks accept and encrypt credit cards. Charges are $2.50 for the first 10 minutes and $2 every 10 minutes thereafter. E-mail is sent to users informing them of their account activity.

For additional information contact QuickATM Corp., 2437 Durant Ave., Suite 207, Berkeley, CA 94704. Call Howard Zack at 510/883-0400. E-mail: .


Information on the Wrist

Timex Data Link watches can now communicate with personal computers that have LCD screens. Users can transfer scheduling and personal information wirelessly from a desktop or laptop computer to their watches.

Information such as dates, times, phone numbers and messages up to 31 characters can be transferred to a user's watch by simply pointing the watch at the Notebook adapter or to a desktop's monitor. A light sensor in the watch reads flashing bars of light or data from the adapter or desktop monitor.

The Timex Data Link watch is water-resistant to 100 feet and retails for $134. A notebook adapter is $30.

For additional information contact Timex Products Inc. Park Rd Extension, P.O. Box 310, Middlebury, CT 06762. Call 800/367-8463. Internet: .


Point and Fill 'Er Up

Motorists can now purchase gasoline from a special Mobil gas pump by simply waving Speedpass -- a small electronic device attached to their key chains.

The pump sends out a radio signal which powers the key tag, allowing it to send back its unique ID code. Fuel purchases are automatically charged to the user's credit card.

Mobil provides Speedpass at no cost to its users.

For additional information contact Mobil Corp., 3225 Gallows Road, Fairfax, VA 22037. Call Jeanne O. Mitchell at 703/849-5520.


No Hackers
TouchNetII is a biometric security device that recognizes fingerprints before allowing users access to protected information and services. TouchNetII can distinguish a real finger from a copy or wax model because its sensors can detect blood pressure and flow.

For additional information contact Identix Inc., 510 N. Pastoria Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Call Corrie Reynold at 408/731-2110. E-mail: .


Safe Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation

During mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the CPR Life Mask prevents exchange of oral fluids, viruses or bacteria. The mask is placed over the victim's mouth and the rescuer breathes through a filtered outlet.

CPR instructions are printed on the outside of a self-sealing plastic bag and the package is small enough to be carried in the user's pocket or purse.

For additional information contact CFT Inc., 14602 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85022. Call 602/992-1220.


Underwater GPS Receiver

Battelle and Trimble Navigation developed a handheld GPS receiver that -- with a remote antenna -- is capable of functioning underwater.

MUGR weighs 19 ounces and operates down to 66 feet or at high altitudes.

For additional information contact Trimble Navigation Ltd., 645 North Mary Avenue, P.O. Box 3642, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3642. Call Lea Ann McNabb at 408/481-7808. E-mail: .


Web Site Movies

Hitachi's MPEG camera (MPEG is a standard for video and audio production developed by the Moving Pictures Export Group) allows users to produce high-quality full-motion pictures for Web sites and

Users can simply remove the camera's internal 260MB PCMCIA Type III hard disk card and copy digital video files to Mac or PC computers.

The PCMCIA allows a storage capacity of 20 minutes of full-motion video with audio, 3,000 JPEG images -- at 704x480 pixel resolution -- and 1000 images with sound.

The MPEG camera can be connected to a TV or VCR for viewing on the large screen. The MPEG Camera retails for $2,499.95.

For additional information contact Hitron Inc., A Division of Hitachi Home Electronics (America) Inc., 1525 Pavilion Place, Norcross, GA 30093. Call 800/995-4500. Internet: .


Night Vision

Law enforcement agencies across the country are using NightSight thermal imaging -- developed by Texas Instruments -- to locate suspects in the dark, hiding in woods or behind shrubs. The system is well suited for a variety of applications, such as patrol, surveillance, crime prevention and rescue missions.

NightSight can detect a person up to 2,400 feet, with an image resolution of 320x240 pixels. The NightSight 1000 series is offered in portable, vehicle and fixed-security configurations with interchangeable lens options.

A NightDriver model will soon hit the consumer market, helping drivers avoid obstacles -- animals and debris -- and aiding them in stormy weather.

For additional information contact Bridgeman Communications Inc., 85 Devonshire Street, 9th floor, Boston, MA 02109. Call David Lubell at 617/742-7420.


Nearly Half of Public Libraries Linked to Net
By Pat Newcombe
Contributing Writer

The Internet is not just a passing technological trend. Forty-five percent of U.S. public libraries have at least one connection to the global computer network of networks, according to The 1996 National Survey of Public Libraries and the Internet, a statistical report issued by the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS). This figure is more than double the amount reported in NCLIS' 1994 study, which found 21 percent. This represents a 113 percent increase in connectivity in two years.

Data also indicates that 28 percent of public libraries make the Internet accessible directly to the public (versus staff use only), a 119 percent increase over the 1994 figure of 13 percent.

The NCLIS is an independent federal government agency which advises the president and Congress on matters relating to national and international library and information services, policies and plans.

NCLIS' findings were drawn from a national sample of nearly 1,500 public libraries, and furnishes data by size of community served. It provides information on type of network connection, costs, resource allocation, uses and services.

Regardless of the positive overall increase discovered in public library connections, the disparity in connectivity and the inequality of access across the country are identified as areas of concern.

Public libraries in communities under 5,000 are much less likely to offer Internet connection than those in communities of 100,000 or greater. Of the 55 percent of libraries without an Internet connection, 40 percent have no plans for connecting within the next 12 months, with those serving smaller populations the least likely to be planning connections.

Additionally, regions of the country vary considerably in rates of Internet connectivity and service offerings. Libraries in the Western and Northeastern states are far ahead of other regions for connectivity.

The commission also found discrepancies in public library Internet involvement in the extent and type of connectivity, connectivity costs and providing public access to Internet services.

The full report is available on the commission's Web site at: or in hard copy, free of charge, from NCLIS, 110 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 820, Washington, D.C. 20005-3522, Call 202/606-9200.



Federal Government
Information OnLine
How To Access Government's Electronic Bulletin Board, by Bruce Maxwell, provides valuable information on nearly 200 bulletin boards operated
by federal agencies, departments and courts.

Information in these bulletin boards vary from presidential speeches to job openings and consumer publications. The book describes how to access them, how to navigate them and what they offer.

A companion book, How to Access the Federal Government on the Internet 1997, offers detailed descriptions of more than 400 federal government Internet sites and resources.

Together these books are powerful tools for those who need federal information.

How To Access The Government's Electronic Bulletin Boards retails for $26.95. How To Access The Federal Government On the Internet 1997 is $28.95.

For additional information contact Congressional Quarterly Books, 1414 22nd Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037. Call 800/638-1710.

WWW: A Platform for Delivery of Government Services
The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) has published the results of its project to examine and demonstrate the technical capabilities of the World Wide Web as a universal platform for delivery of government services.

The results show the Web can be a universal interface for the delivery of services to citizens, and for conducting business within and among state and local agencies. Primary public-sector and nonprofit partners who worked with CTG include: SUNY System Administration, SUNY Plattsburgh and NYSERNet.

The six corporate partners are: Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group/DRT Systems, Bluestone Inc., EMI Communications Corp., Microsoft Corp., NYNEX and Silicon Graphics.

The report is available on the CTG Web site at: , and can be downloaded from: .

For further information contact Center for Technology in Government, University at Albany, Albany, NY 12222. Call 518/442-3892.

Public Project Management
Government projects are increasingly under pressure to meet deadlines, budgets and quality standards. A Practitioner's Guide to Project Management in the Information Age, by Robert Ambrosino, is a comprehensive guide that provides detailed information on successful management of public-sector projects.

The book provides valuable information for any government agency that plans to :

Determine the viability of a project.
Select a high-performance team that will see the project through to completion.
Prevent costly delays or cancellations.
Prevent poor-quality products.
Develop a project security plan.
Capitalize on the two greatest forces of change -- globalization and technology.
book retails for $295.
For additional information contact Government Technology Press, 9719 Lincoln Village Dr., Suite 500, Sacramento, CA 95827. Call Gloria Leacox or Lisa Thiel at 916/932-1300. Internet:

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