The Alabama Supreme Court recently ruled that sales taxes may be collected on software purchases, overturning a 1977 court ruling that software was not a tangible product, only a license to use knowledge. Birmingham Post-Herald


Alaska received $1.5 million from BP Exploration to establish a 25-unit network-based computer lab in 15 school districts


The Motor Vehicle Division and IBM will create an Internet site for customers to renew vehicle registration, order special license plates and file change-of-address forms.


To raise funds for new computers, high-school students in Little Rock wrote chapters for an online project called NetNovel. All text except for the last chapter is available online at . Morning News of Northern Arkansas.


To help California flood relief efforts, AT&T donated more than 350 cellular phones with unlimited air time and $5,000 worth of prepaid calling cards to American Red Cross service centers.


Rep. Phil Pankey introduced a bill to establish a committee to evaluate identification systems for welfare recipients. The system includes individual ID numbers, photo IDs, fingerprint images and retinal scans to identify those eligible for benefits. Wyoming News.


The Office of Policy and Management awarded a contract to Brite Voice Systems for telecommunications and utility billing verification services.


Delaware received $2 million in grants to establish new statewide Advanced Technology Centers for improved technology-based economic development.


The Legislature's Office of Program Policy Analysis and Accountability initiated a project to examine how computer technology can improve efficiency in state government.


Negotiations are ongoing between Siemens, Oldsmobile, Differential Corrections Inc., and the Atlanta Traveler Showcase Project to provide realtime traffic information in Atlanta.


The state Department of Education received a Challenge Grant from the U.S. Department of Education to expand the "Electronic School, " a school using multimedia technologies to transform the traditional model into a virtual learning center.


The Economic Advisory Council received a $300,000 Idaho Community Development block grant to help fund a new telecommunications facility.


The Lake County Building and Zoning Division and PlanGraphics Inc. completed the first phase of an information technology study and will begin the second phase to provide IT for the entire Department of Planning, Zoning and Environmental Quality.


The Indiana Higher Learning Education Telecommunication System purchased MultiLink's System 80 multipoint control unit to incorporate videoconferencing into its existing satellite network for more than 50 colleges and universities.


The Iowa Department of Inspections and the Fiscal Services Bureau uses Watermark software to reduce manual paperwork and maintain electronic accounting records for the Iowa Public Defender's Office and its Indigent Defense Fund.


The Department of Revenue unveiled two new programs to improve taxpayer service. Taxpayers can file their state taxes by phone with Telefile and find answers to common tax questions on Tel-Assist, a 24-hour, toll-free help line available at 800/259-2829.


The Louisville-Jefferson County Information Consortium selected PlanGraphics Inc. to enhance its GIS system to support economic development activities in Louisville and Jefferson counties.


The Department of Education and the National Center for Education Statistics sponsored the Annual Management for Information Conference in February. The conference allowed representatives from across the country to share their experiences and expertise on information technology issues and policies.


Residents in Acton and Limerick are starting their own community patrol using cellular phones. According to officials at the York County Sheriff's Department, "homegrown" programs may pave the way for greater support for professional law enforcement in rural areas. Biddeford Journal Tribune.


The state Registers of Wills contracted with Highland Technologies Inc. to supply its