Traffic Control Live

Traffic in 16 separate Los Angeles locations is monitored simultaneously with RGB Spectrum's SuperView 100 multi-video windowing system. The Los Angeles Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control Operations Center's large-screen projection displays can show four live videos simultaneously on one screen, a single video expanded to fill the screen, or mixed video and computer-generated graphics.

The system allows traffic engineers to locate and solve problems quickly.

For additional information contact RGB Spectrum, 950 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, CA 94501. 510/814-7000. Internet: .


"Black Box" For Cars

Following every air crash, investigators search for a "black box" recording instrument to help discover the cause of the disaster. Now, the Drive Right 130AL serves a similar function for autos as it monitors and records how they are driven. It features start and end time, distance traveled, maximum speed, average speed, time and date.

Limits can also be set for speed, acceleration and deceleration, and the equipment will sound an alarm whenever the limits are exceeded.

The system is protected by a password that prevents unauthorized changes to data or limits. Data is downloaded to an IBM-compatible computer and can create reports and graphs as well as separate databases for each vehicle or driver. The DriveRight 130AL (130-day log and accident log) retails for $295.

For additional information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 800/293-2847.


Flying Parachute

Paradactyl is an unmanned flying vehicle for conducting surveillance and monitoring operations. It incorporates low noise, remote high-resolution videolink, remote listening devices, microphones to establish direct voice communications, and can also drop teargas.

The vehicle is well suited for a variety of applications such as border patrol, search and rescue, traffic reports, coastal patrol, GPS mapping surveys, firefighting, crowd and riot control, and wildlife and environmental monitoring.

An autopilot and GPS control the heading and power setting.

Paradactyl can be stored on a vehicle, requires no runway and can be deployed even when the vehicle is moving.

For further information contact Omega Aerospace Corp., 9724 32nd Pl. W. Bldg. C-84, Everett, WA 98204. Call Sandy Thomas, at 800/280-0022.


Portable Finger Station

The Single Finger Station 2000 (SFS 2000) functions as a specialized personal digital assistant designed for fingerprint capture and identification. It is suitable for use in such applications as welfare, voter registration, immigration control and driver license and passport issuance.

It can be powered by an automobile cigarette lighter. The SFS 2000 is Internet ready and can be networked by modem, cellular telephone or wireless connections. List price begins at $1,995.

For additional information, contact Printrak International Inc., 1250 North Tustin Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807. 714/666-2700. Internet: .



CairnsIRIS is a helmet-mounted infrared camera that provides extremely sensitive thermal images, helping firefighters conduct search and rescue missions in total darkness and smoke.

The CairnsIRIS detects temperature variations of 0.5 F, enabling firefighters to see the heat behind walls, floors and ceilings and to help locate victims.

For additional information contact Cairns & Brother Inc., 60 Webro Road, Clifton, NJ 07012. 800/230-1600.


Yellow Submarine

Subjugator is an entirely human-powered submarine that runs wet (flooded). One crew member provides power using a bicycle-style crank and the other steers and navigates. Subjugator can dive down to 75 feet, is 10.5 feet long, weighs 250 lbs. and can be carried atop a vehicle.

For additional information contact Battelle, 505 King Ave., Columbus, OH 43201. Call Fred Lyon at 614/424-4792.


Holographic Medicine

Voxel's digital holography system converts CT and MR data into three-dimensional holograms of anatomic structures enabling physicians to study blood clots, tumors and other features from