National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information

by / January 31, 1997
The Board of Medical Examiners reviewed a proposed state law to set up special limited licensing for out-of-state doctors practicing telemedicine. Birmingham Post-Herald.

The Department of Health and Social Service developed an advanced system called On-Line Resources for the Children of Alaska with Brainstorm Technology Inc. The network tracks children in the child welfare system and displays relevant history on one screen. Newsbytes.

The U.S. Department of Transportation selected Phoenix as a showcase site for the Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure program. ITS America News.

The Tri community in Lonoke County received approximately $9,000 from the Arkansas Rural Development Commission and the Office of Rural Advocacy to help purchase communications equipment for volunteer firefighters.

California State University, Monterey Bay, selected Sony Electronics to provide audio and video production equipment for its new educational facility to prepare students for entertainment and telecommunications careers.

The Department of Personnel and General Support Services awarded a $3 million contract to Microland for off-the-shelf software for state agencies and political subdivisions. Federal Sources Inc.

The Department of Social Services unveiled its new Child Support Resource Center on the Web at .

The Department of Health and Social Services is considering purchasing an Aging Information Manager (AIM) system to help meet reporting requirements set by the National Aging Programs Information System. AIM uses bar code technology for data collection.

Under a new state law, parents who fail to pay child support will find themselves ranked among criminals and murderers in police computer files. The Department of Law Enforcement recently added the names of more than 4,000 defaulting parents to the system. Reuters News Services.

Russell County began testing a new electronic system that allows food stamp recipients to pay for their groceries with a debit card.

Using automated fingerprint identification, Maui police tracked and arrested a man suspected in the burglary of the Pukalani Post Office. The suspect's fingerprints also matched those from eight other cases, including burglary and vandalization of six local schools. User Review.

The Department of Health and Welfare's regional office in Coeur d'Alene added a voice mail system to its child support section to help with incoming calls. The increase in calls was a result of a new law, effective in January, that suspends driving, hunting, fishing and occupational licenses for those who fail to pay child support.

The Secretary of State and IBM unveiled "Service OnSite" kiosks. Customers can now renew their automobile registrations and instantly receive annual license plate stickers from the machine.

Indiana schools were awarded $30 million in technology grants to help schools obtain computers, software, access to the Internet and teacher training.

The Department of Human Services contracted with Consultec to implement a new Medicaid Management Information System. Federal Sources Inc.

The Kansas State Historical Society held an auction via the Internet to sell a sizable collection of newspapers dated from 1796 to 1994, including an 1865 edition of the New York Tribune that features the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Newsbytes.

The U.S. Department of Transportation selected Kentucky to participate in the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks, a project that will test intelligent transportation systems and their ability to improve commercial vehicle operations. ITS America News.

Iberville Parish in Plaquemine developed its own home page with the Center for Landscape Interpretation. The Web site at provides visitors with maps, pictures and information on the Police Jury, Chamber of Commerce and parish Tourist Commission. Baton Rouge Advocate.

The Greater Portland Council of Governments received $56,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation as part of the department's effort to assist 13 state and local transportation agencies in developing intelligent transportation systems. ITS America News.

At Logan Elementary School in Baltimore County, all classes are networked with the same basic configuration: teacher workstations, shared personal computer areas for students, and printers, copiers and telephones in each class. PCs have also been placed in 106 homes of students and teachers, allowing teachers to communicate with parents and provide extended classroom activities.

The Middlesex County Sheriff's Office awarded Unisys a $1.3 million contract to provide fingerprint hardware, software, systems integration and consulting services to complete its positive identification and tracking system.

The Board of Public Works in Holland selected PlanGraphics as a consultant to establish agreements for sharing geographic information system data with other GIS users in the city.

Minnesota Equal Access Network Services Inc. and local telephone companies will provide communication services to schools and public libraries as part of the Minnesota Telecommunications Access Grant.

The Department of Finance and Administration contracted with IBM to develop and implement the Mississippi Executive Resource Library and Information Network. Federal Sources Inc.

St. Louis County purchased North American Morpho System's Flexscan workstation and converted more than 190,000 fingerprint records. The new station is faster and allows agencies to access fingerprint records of all persons arrested in Missouri. User Review.

The Department of Administration's Division of Purchasing combined its three term contracts for personal, portable, and high-connectivity computers into a single Prime Vendor Term Contract for micro-computer hardware, software and peripherals. Federal Sources Inc.

The Nebraska Crime Commission received approximately $200,000 from the U.S. Justice Department's Federal Law Enforcement Block Grant Program to fund an automated fingerprint identification system and to enhance DNA testing.

Fourth graders at Eisenberg Elementary and Kahre Elementary schools in Las Vegas visited the governor's mansion via the World Wide Web. The Web page -- funded by Nevada Bell and AT&T -- was designed as a learning tool and provides students with an interesting way to learn about Nevada history.

New Hampshire
New Hampshire began installation of a new digital two-way radio communications system that will serve state police and other law enforcement and government agencies.

New Jersey
The Department of Labor contracted with Deloitte & Touche to provide a preliminary design for the state's new employer tax system, which includes a requirements definition document, a system definition document, an advisability study final report and recommendations for improvements. Federal Sources Inc.

New Mexico
The GIS Advisory Council began its project to acquire digital mapping of the entire state with support from the state General Services Department, Information Services Division.

New York
The Center for Technology at the University at Albany released guidelines to help government organizations go online with their services. Developing & Delivering Government Services on the World Wide Web: Recommended Practices for New York State offers tools to help agencies design, manage and market Web services. Call 518/442-3892. Internet: .

North Carolina
North Carolina uses Bottomline Technologies' CheckGard system at 44 sites around the state. The system combines check writing and printing in one step using electronic forms and laser printing, and helped the National Guard complete their payroll checks during the relief effort for Hurricane Fran.

North Dakota
As part of the North Dakota Highway Patrol's "Choose to Live" project, Cellular One, Air Touch and Commnet Cellular phone users will be able to make free phone calls to obtain emergency highway assistance. The project aims to increase traffic enforcement and reduce accidents.

The Franklin County Recorder's Office awarded a $1.4 million contract to Unisys Corp. to provide imaging hardware, software and integration services.

Oklahoma City received $250,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation to develop an intelligent transportation system.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department received a $37,000 grant from the U.S. Justice Department to design a Web page, purchase a computer, modem and video cameras to record evidence in courts.

Gov. Tom Ridge continued promotion of his Link-to-Learn initiative, asking for support from the Pennsylvania Information Highway Consortium and the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities. Link-to-Learn invests more than $121 million to link computer systems of various schools into a "network of networks" and improve high-tech resources across the state.

Rhode Island
The Providence Mayor's Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse awarded Federal Hill House $10,000 to establish an intergenerational computer program that will teach children and their parents computer skills while receiving education on drug prevention.

South Carolina
The South Carolina Sheriff's Association held its first live teleconference using South Carolina ETV's Public Services Network.

South Dakota
A teacher team from Axtell Park Middle School in Sioux Falls was awarded $12,000, laptop computers and software for their proposal in the U S West Foundation's "Connecting Teachers with Technology" award program.

The Jackson Utility Division purchased software and hardware from Graphic Data Systems Corp. to support Phase II of the municipal utility's geographic information system.

The Department of Human Services will evaluate the effectiveness of a Lone Star Image System from North American Morpho Systems in reducing fraud and preventing duplicate applications in its AFDC and Food Stamp programs.

Gov. Mike Leavitt met with nine other members of the Western Governors' Association in San Antonio to appoint a task force to study electric deregulation and propose ways to make sure deregulation will be beneficial to consumers.

Seventy-four elementary and high schools were awarded over $160,000 in distance learning grants from FY-97 Capital Bill funds.

The city of Chesapeake awarded a contract to UGC Consulting to assist in the implementation of a pilot geographic information system.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department and the Tacoma Police Department awarded a $1.1 million contract to North American Morpho Systems Inc. to provide its newest automatic fingerprint identification system.

West Virginia
Glendale Elementary and Chandler Elementary schools in Charleston installed computers to help adults in the community track down jobs or learn skills to work at home. West Virginia Gazette.

Wisconsin unveiled "Child Support Dragnet on the Internet." The site features names, photographs, ages and addresses of parents who have failed to pay child support.

An employee from the State Treasurer's Office and three employees from the Department of Education received awards for improving service to school districts by automating a grant process.